6 Best Back Shaver Reviews – Do It Yourself Hair Clippers

Shaving the back is perhaps the most, if not one of the most intriguing body grooming techniques out there. This is because the back is largely inaccessible and ordinarily hard to keep clean. It also accumulates plenty of dirt as compared to the more accessible portions of the body. This is why you badly need the specially designed best back shavers for the job.

We understand this fact only too well. That is why we have carried out some study as regards this issue. We are glad to hereby explain to you the finer details of the said study below.

We are generally going to explore the subject matter by explaining the benefits of the do it yourself hair clippers, the reasons why you need one, and a review of the top back-shavers on the market at the moment. It is our hope that you shall find the explanations that follow very insightful and relevant to your needs.

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Why You Need Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper?

Best do it yourself hair clippers are so called because they require no technical expertise to engage. Instead, they are designed and manufactured in such a manner as to easily operate. You do not have to have acquired plenty of work experience to able to engage the clippers. Even a person who has never such kinds of clippers will find them easier to comprehend and subsequently utilize. The following are some of the benefits of these hair clippers:

Requires Limited Expertise

As stated, you do not require that much expertise to be able to engage these best do it yourself hair clippers. Even a complete novice in the field of hair care will easily engage them as a result of this. For this reason, you will enjoy the benefit of unbridled convenience as you engage the shaver. You also stand to confront limited hassles as the various controls are simple to operate.

Have a look the video of Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Maximum Convenience

Given their simple nature, they are easier not only to master but also engage. You do not have to spend too much of your time to learn them completely. You only have to spend less time to comprehend the various parts, their uses and how they are engaged. This means that the time taken to get settled is comparatively shorter than for most complicated hair clippers.

Privacy of Use

The areas of the body which these clippers are designed to handle are generally sensitive. These include the armpit regions, the underarms, and the loins. The do-it-yourself hair clippers as stated, are designed for personal use. You, therefore, stand to reap the benefit of privacy as no other person may gain access to the said parts of your body as is the case with other kinds of clippers.


Generally speaking, these kinds of hair clippers are cheaper to come by. This is mainly because they lack those parts and features that are sophisticated. This means that you do not have to dig too deep in your pocket to be able to afford them. Instead, you only have to set aside some modest amounts of money to do so. You, therefore, stand to reap the benefit of higher returns on your investments.

Personalized Shaving Outcomes

With these hair clippers, it is possible to come by some personalized shaving outcomes. This simply means that you have the leeway to determine the styles and the nature of the final outcomes. The logic that underlies this is the fact that the shavers allow you to customize them as need be. You, therefore, are in full control of the shaving process. You do not have to stick to some stringent routines and predetermined styles.

Freedom of Choice

Apart from the style of your liking, you also get to enjoy the freedom of determining the precise length of hair you prefer. This is because many of these clippers do come along with the various length settings which you use to determine the length of the hairs. Yet again, you also get to enjoy the freedom of personalized outcomes and awesome appearances.

Why People Like Back-Shaver?

As stated, the back shavers are special kinds of shavers which are used to get rid of the hair at your back. They are specially designed as to easily navigate your back and reach those spots that are extremely hard to access under normal circumstances. Just like the best do it yourself hair clippers, they too are equipped with numerous features which bring about numerous benefits. Below are some of those benefits:

Able to Access Hard-to-reach Areas

They are primarily intended to reach those areas that are hard to reach under normal circumstances. These include the backbone region, the underarms, and the area behind the chest. This trait means that no area is left behind at all. You, therefore, have the pleasure of maximum convenience to leverage from the use of these shavers. This is not to mention that is also easier to use on the whole.

Convenient to Use

In all, these shavers are wholly meant for the back region. As such, they have only those features that are capable of bringing this benefit or outcomes to fruition. For this reason, you not at all struggle to engage the various controls, parameters and features of these shavers for the stated job. This means you will reap the benefit of maximum convenience of use for your leverage.

Better Shaving Outcomes

Given that they are wholly meant for the back, they have the ability to bring about the better shaving outcomes. They leave no portion of the back untouched not to mention that they also reach those areas that are extremely difficult to reach easily. You may count on them for those smooth and well-kempt hairs. You will subsequently feel much more comfortable with these clippers on your side.


These shavers are appropriately-equipped. This is simply to mean that they possess all the vital features, traits, and specifications that are necessary for a good job to be done. You will thus enjoy the benefits of unhindered applications whenever you lay your hand on the said clippers. These comprehensive set of features also mean that you will not have to bring in too many accessories or attachments for better outcomes.

Saves a Great Deal of Time

Apart from being specially designed, these shavers also save a great deal of your time. They are designed as to conform as nearly to the contours of your body. This way, they confront limited hassles while moving out and about your body. In turn, they cut the hairs much faster than they ordinarily would. You do not have to stay for too long to be able to enjoy the outcomes and benefits that these shavers have to offer.

Minimized Fatigue

Lastly comes the benefit of minimized fatigue. As explained above, these shavers are both easier to engage and also take less time to undertake their shaving tasks. They, therefore, call for less effort on your part. You may use them repeatedly without the feeling of getting too bored or inconvenienced. This also guarantees you maximum enjoyment of the entire shaving exercise.

6 Best Back Shaver Reviews of 2020

​1: Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Hair Clippers, Hair Trimmers, Clippers, (13 pieces)

If you are looking for the best back shaver that can handle numerous shaving environments, you have this one for your consideration. It has the ability to pair and communicate with numerous closely related attachments and accessories. This extends its range of applications and also grants it the power to handle many kinds of shaving needs. It brings a lot of higher returns on investments in the process.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

180° Rotating Head

For a start, the head of the clipper can rotate at an angle of around 180°. This rotation allows the clipper to impact whole portions of the head or hair that is being clipped. This arrangement definitely helps in getting rid of excess hair. The logic here is that it gets rid of the hair much faster and more effectively than most other ordinary clippers.

Head Shave Attachment

It has the ability to pair and communicate with other vital attachments. The chief among these attachments is the head shave attachment. This one has the ability to deliver perfectly smooth shaves. Its ability to accommodate numerous attachments also extend the range of applications it might possibly be devoted to. The pleasure of higher returns on investments is, therefore, yours to leverage.

Multiple Built-in Length Settings

Lastly, the clipper can extend and retract as need be to handle different lengths of cuts. As a matter of fact, it has some 14 built-in length settings which range from 0 inches to around 19/32 inches. You, therefore, have the added benefit of being able to determine the length of the hair you are interested in.


  • ​Modest power consumption rating
  • ​Self-sharpening blades save a great deal of time and effort
  • ​Fully washable for easy cleaning
  • ​Blades are made of the high-quality stainless steel materials
  • ​Adopts a faster turnaround in shaving


  • ​Quite delicate in construction and makeup
  • ​A bit weighty (weighs around 1.03 pounds)
  • ​Larger in size and hence cumbersome to carry around

​2: MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

​Are you that kind of a person who cherishes privacy? This best back shaver is yours for the taking if you answered the question in the affirmative. This is because it is designed to be a do-it-yourself application. This means that you do not have to bring in a third party to help you out. This is not to mention that is easier to use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Excellent Design and Engineering

The cartridge of the clipper exudes some excellent design and engineering. They are specifically geared toward shaving your hair whether wet or dry. By reason of this excellent engineering, the shaver is very reliable and performs well even in the most distressing of working conditions. You have the pleasure of being able to work unhindered regardless of the kinds of hair you are targeting.

Very Secure

By reason of their sheer construction, the blades of the clipper are resistant to the common agents of wear and tear. In particular, the blades are resistant to corrosion as they are great at repelling the percolation of water. By using this clipper, you may be certain to steer clear of razor burns and cuts as is the norm with most other kinds of clippers.

Safety Blade Technology

In all, the blades of the clipper feature the effective and patent-approved DryGlide(R) safety blade technology. This basically comes in the form of a first of its kind 4-inch blade. The blades are generally safer as they resist the possibilities of inflicting cuts on your skin unnecessarily. If you have lost hairs or sensitive skins, these are the clippers to look up to.


  • ​Backed by a generous 60-day money back guarantee
  • ​Allows you to shave either wet or dry
  • ​Requires no shaving cream on your part
  • ​Assures you some pain-free shaving undertakings
  • ​Easily accommodates replacements and attachment of accessories


  • ​Higher energy consumption rates
  • ​Prone to damages owing to less durable construction
  • ​May disparage less skilled users owing to its complexity

​3: BAKblade 2.0 PLUS – Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver (DIY)

​You do not have to ask someone to help you shave your back anymore. This is not with this particular shaver by your side. It is essentially equipped as to reach those areas that are ordinarily unreachable by the other kinds of back shavers. It is also easier to engage and is thus great for the less skilled or experienced users.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Excellent Teeth Arrangement

Topping the list of its awesome features is the excellent teeth arrangement. Its teeth are so arranged in such a manner as to generate great cutting outcomes. They perform their tasks much faster and also deliver smoother outcomes on the whole. You have this particular clipper for your taking if you desire the best outcomes possible.

Ergonomic S-shaped Handle

An ergonomic S-shaped handle comes in next among the list of the awesome features of the clipper. With the handle, it is possible for you to gain access to those areas or portions of your hair that are ordinarily hard-to-reach. The handle is also comfortable and comparatively easier to engage. It is hence less likely to inflict pain on you.

Revolutionary BAKbladeTM Blade

Its cutting mechanism comes in the form of the revolutionary BAKbladeTM blade. The blade is generally easy to use, requires no batteries or external source of power, and is cheaper to afford and replace. You, therefore, stand to accrue great benefits of unparalleled convenience and greater returns on investments. This is not to mention that the final quality of the cuts will also be higher.


  • ​Enables you to apply enough pressure so as to generate closer shaves
  • ​Perfect for both men and women
  • ​Hardly rusts or becomes dull like those of competing firms
  • ​Comes along with the safety guard which prevents cuts and razor burns
  • ​Backed by an awesome customer support team


  • ​Poor manufacturer’s warranty
  • ​Cuts hair at a much slower pace
  • ​May not handle coarser hairs as effectively as ought to be

​4: Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do It Yourself Hair Clipper Pro

​Do you cherish styles and elegance? Your answer lies in the acquisition of such a precise shaver. It grants you the power to determine accurately the precise dimensions and styles of the final outcomes. You will find it great at generating those styles which the ordinary back shavers are unable or lack the ability to mimic. If you are a career beautician, you have no choice but to leverage it.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

2-D Combs

Coming in first among the list of its awesome features are the 2-dimension combs. These combs are unlike any other. They are swift and move generally faster in the head or hair wherein they are deployed. Moreover, the combs also have the ability to follow the contours of your head. This results in closer, less painful, and smoother shaves.

Rounded Edges

The edges of both the blades and the combs are rounded in shapes. This roundness of shape prevents the scratching of the said portions of the clippers. In turn, the benefit of added comfort is brought about to you. You also get to stay away from any possible injuries which may often arise from the direct contact with these portions of the combs.

Precision Trimmer

Lastly comes the precision trimmer. These play the role of contouring around and about the ears and also for keeping your sideburns in check. By reason of this arrangement, you are guaranteed awesome and unparalleled looks at all times. You also have the rare benefit of being able to determine the precise dimensions of the sizes of hairs you want.


  • ​Possesses skin-friendly blades and contour-following combs for maximum comfort
  • ​Fully-washable which expedites the process of cleaning
  • ​Backed by a generous two-year worldwide guarantee
  • ​Contains 20 easily-adjustable length settings to give you the looks you want
  • ​Easy to handle courtesy of the 180° rotating head


  • ​Quite complicated to easily comprehend
  • ​Accommodates fewer attachments and accessories
  • ​Inflicts higher utility bills on your part

​5: Philips Norelco QC5530 Do It Yourself Hair Clipper

​Working on extremely coarse and thick hairs may never be that much achievable with ordinary shavers. This is why a powerful shaver of this kind is by all means called for. It exudes some powerful torque which has the ability to handle the toughest kinds of hair strands. This is not to mention that it is less likely to predispose you to the risk of fatigue.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

13 Built-in Length Settings

Coming in first among the list of its topnotch features are some 13 built-in length settings. These vary in length from 15/32 inches to 19/32 inches. They grant you the freedom to determine the lengths you prefer and by extension the overall nature of the final outcomes. This is the first step towards personalizing your experience.

Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery

As stated, the shaver exudes some awesome power. This is due to its possession or ability to draw power from the Lithium-ion batteries. They have the ability to jointly deliver a whopping 60 minutes of cordless power. The power is so strong as to be able to cut through the roughest and thickest strands of hair.

Self-sharpening Blades

Its blades stand apart in that they are self-sharpening. This is because they are made of the tough and reliable high-quality stainless steel materials. They also exude awesome cutting power which is essential for the handling of those extremely rough strands of hair. Being self-sharpening, you will not spend too much to keep them in the best shapes and forms.


  • ​Fully-washable makeup for easy cleaning
  • ​Quickly and conveniently cuts your own hair
  • ​Reduces skin irritations
  • ​Delivers smooth and comfortable trims
  • ​Weighs a paltry 13.9 ounces for convenient handling


  • ​Not so tough as to allow for effective handling
  • ​Performs fewer shaving cycles
  • ​Quite clumsy to carry around with ease

​6: Philips Norelco QC5560/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper

​For professional hair shaving and trimming, a reliable brand or manufacturer is by all means called for. No other manufacturer is as authoritative and reliable as the Philips Norelco. Indeed, its products are famed for being extremely durable and very reliable. You want to give this one a try if you have a career in the field of beauty and hair shaving.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

8 Locking Length Settings

Its principal features are the 8 locking length settings. These vary in length from 15/32 inches to 19/32 inches. They basically let you determine the lengths of the final outcomes you prefer or deem appropriate. You have the pleasure of awesome looks and appearances to leverage as the result of this. The same applies to the quality of the trims on the whole.

High-quality Stainless Steel Trimmer Blades

The high-quality stainless steel trimmer blades come in next. They are also self-sharpening in nature. Their durability coupled with their sturdy length means that they perform better under all circumstance of use. Regardless of the strength, texture, or thickness of your hair, you may count on them not to disappoint you at all. The stainless nature resists corrosion on the other hand.

Exclusive 180° Rotating Head

Finally, the exclusive 180° rotating head closes the list of the awesome features. This rotational trait basically enables you to access those areas that are way out of your reach at any given time. It subsequently enables you to get rid of hair from those spots which the ordinary shavers and clippers cannot. You have the benefit of utmost convenience and greater outcomes to enjoy.


  • ​Manufactured by the reputable Philips Norelco brand
  • ​Reaches those areas that are ordinarily inaccessible
  • ​Variable cutting lengths for your consideration
  • ​Reduces skin irritations to the absolute minimum
  • ​Cuts your hair quickly and conveniently


  • ​For corded use only
  • ​Not rechargeable and is hence unsuitable for long-term applications
  • ​Measures the whopping 8.8 inches long by 5.5 inches wide by 2.8 inches thick

Final Thought About Back Shaver Reviews

Now that you have received the insight you need as regards the subject matter of best back shavers, why don’t you go ahead and find the best one for your use and liking? You do not want to drag your feet to leverage the benefits of these kinds of shavers at all! Simply find one that is relevant to your cause and unique circumstances. All the best as you take the crucial first step towards this end.

You can check hair trimmer guide for how to check and select the best one. Additionally, for better performance in your shaving experience, you can check the electric trimmer and its use.

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