6 Best Jansport Backpacks Reviews For School, Travel & Sports

Are you an outdoor or camping enthusiast? You want some guidance on how to find the best backpacks and other outdoor gears. We have dedicated this page entirely to that subject matter. We have identified the top brands and best Jansport backpack on the market today like-JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack

This is over and above the various factors to consider arriving at the best purchasing decision. We shall examine them in finer details with the aim of aiding you in getting started. 

What is The Best Jansport Backpack?

It depends on your demand and the brand that gives you more comfortable use. Moreover, how many books or dress you can carry with it. If your choice is to carry out a laptop, so Laptop Backpack of Jansport is the best.

Hopefully, you’re a student, so your choice may be that one, as a result, you carry a lot of books easily. At that time, you can select the Extra Large College School Backpack which is fit for all types of work that men or women daily need.

On the other hand, if your budget is low but no compromise with the quality, then you can select the classical look one Superbreak Backpack.

Comparison Table of Jansport Backpack Review

Backpack Name



Best For


Laptop Backpack

13 x 8.3 x 18.1 inches

1.32 pounds

Laptop, School

Hatchet Backpack

12.2 x 7.9 x 18.1 inches

1.38 pounds

School, Laptop, Tablet

Wheeled Backpack

19.5 x 13 x 8 inches

4.3 Pounds

School, Laptop

Mini Backpack

11.2 x 9.8 x 4.1 inches

6.4 ounces (shipping)


Superbreak Backpack

16.7 x 13 x 8.5 inches

11.2 ounces


Travel, School, Work

Digital Student Backpack

17.5 x 13 x 10 inches

1 pounds

Laptop, Earbuds, School

Best Jansport Backpack Reviews Of 2020

1. JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack 

Are you a freelancer or a person who likes referring to his laptop while on the go? If you answered the question in the affirmative, you have this particular backpack for your taking. This is because it is designed for persons of your kind in mind. It is still capable of storing a couple or ordinary gears though.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Cordura Fabric

Topping the list of its most outstanding features is the highly-durable and premium Cordura fabric makeup. This fabric is famed to be extremely resilient to tears and other agents of deterioration like frays and rotting. The choice of fabric is hence great as it guarantees you years of reliable services while negating constant repairs and maintenance.

Internal 15-inch Laptop Sleeve

You will also enjoy the rare privilege of being able to package your 15-inch laptop in the backpack. This is due to the fact that a slot exists in the backpack exclusively for that purpose. If you are a freelancer or simply like accessing your laptop while on the go, this indeed is the backpack for you!

Suede Leather Bottom

At its bottom is a signature suede leather material underlay. This is purposely put in place to enhance the lifespan of the bottom of the backpack. Suede leather, being stronger and more durable, is less likely to wear out easily or faster. It is hence a good


  • Contains plenty of storage compartments and spaces
  • Available in numerous color options for added aesthetics
  • Highly breathable and less prone to the risk of suffocation
  • Suitable for a variety of tasks and applications
  • Brings about higher returns on the amount of money invested


  • Requires plenty of muscle power to engage effectively
  • Not so easy to keep and maintain in a clean state
  • Has a comparatively limited carrying capacity

2. JanSport Hatchet Backpack 

The worst nightmare to ever confront while outdoor is to waste plenty of time. The only way to get around this issue is to make use of a backpack which allows for easy access to the interior contents. Perhaps no other backpack is as suited for this particular role as this one.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

600 Denier Polyester

Made almost entirely of the durable 600 denier polyester, this backpack also possesses the equally stronger bonded-leather trim. These two confer great strength and reliability to the backpack. In so doing, they make the backpack capable of handling intense pressure and impact well. They hence allow you to wander freely with limited constraints.

Versatile Sleeve

A versatile sleeve does exist solely for the purpose of safeguarding your laptop. The sleeve is large enough to accommodate a 15-inch laptop. If you so wish, you may also use the sleeve to store a 3-liter hydration system as it is large enough to accommodate the same. The pleasure of maximum convenience is indeed yours to leverage.

Deluxe Organizer Panel

To make it easier for you to access contents while on the go, the backpack contains a Deluxe Organizer Panel. This one does come along with a padded phone holder. You may store your delicate phones in this segment without the fear of it sustaining any damages even when hard hit.


  • Large enough to accommodate all your daily essentials
  • Has an adjustable shoulder strap to allow for a customized fit
  • Great and pretty reliable for the outdoor activities and environments
  • Allows for fast and easy access to the stored contents
  • Highly resistant to dust, dirt, and debris


  • Quite clumsy and somewhat difficult to carry around
  • Takes longer to dry due to its highly absorbent nature
  • Possesses a rugged appearance which is not so great for aesthetics

3. JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Backpack

Are you a traveler in search of a worthy traveling companion? Look no further than this particular backpack. This is because it is optimized for travels by virtue of being compact in size and possessing sturdy wheels. Its relative ease of opening and closing also allow for quick and easy access of the interior contents.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Seamless Convertibility

On the whole, the backpack van converts seamlessly from a backpack to a roller and back to a backpack again. This convertibility allows you to enjoy both roles and benefits at a time. The feature particularly stands out when you have to transport your gears over a longer duration of time and in different trails.

Padded Shoulder Straps

Its shoulder straps are padded for added comfort and reduced fatigue in the course of use. Moreover, the straps can be tucked away whenever the convenience of a wheeled bag is desired. For this reason, you have assured both comfort and unparalleled convenience at all times of use. The bag spares you of the risk of blisters and numbness.

 • Calls for higher repairs and maintenance costs

80 mm Action Wheels

Lastly comes the 80 mm action wheels. These are large and are mounted on the sides of the backpack. These wheels possess excellent traction and great stability controls. By virtue of these two awesome traits, the backpack stays well on course and stable for a prolonged duration of time. It is also less prone to fidgeting.


  • Carries computers also and is hence pretty convenient
  • Has a quick-grab handle which allows for easy carrying
  • Allow for ease of moving out and about the desired area
  • Possesses a side water bottle pocket and a front organizer pocket
  • Manufactured using the durable 600 Denier Polyester fabric


  • Too small to carry plenty of loads
  • Has a shorter lifespan

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4. JanSport Half Pint Mini Backpack

Is your search for the right backpack dictated by the need for quick light tasks? Look to no other backpack than this one. On the whole, the backpack is pretty small and compact in size. It is hence easier to carry around with much ease. You will also find it relatively simpler to carry around.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Durable Fabric Construction

A durable fabric construction comes in first among the list of its most desirable feature. Its fabric is indeed resistant to tears and will also not be easily eaten by termites and other insects. The fabric, therefore, requires fewer repairs and maintenance schedules on your part. This gives you a fresh breath of life to enjoy its benefits.

Excellent Zippers & Straps

To open and close the backpack, you will make use of some excellent zippers and straps. These zippers and straps are so designed in such a manner as to be simpler to engage. In light of this, they allow for unconstrained access into the interior portions of the backpack at any given time.

Availability in many Color Options

The backpack is also available in many color options. This stems from its construction into diverse colors and designs which are intended to reflect in your unique style and preferences. You have the pleasure of enjoying great aesthetics at any given time of the day. You may thus wish to use it to adorn your special occasions.


  • Quite long lasting and performs numerous operational cycles
  • Highly functional as it does not falter at all
  • Very versatile by virtue of being able to discharge numerous roles at a time
  • Finds applicability just about anywhere be it at school, parks, or around town
  • Greatly customized for your unique personalities


  • Too small to be of any meaningful economic value
  • Has a pretty small carrying capacity
  • Exudes only limited benefits and outcomes

5. JanSport Superbreak Backpack 

Do you intend to travel or camp in an extremely wet environment? You have this particular backpack for your taking if you answered this particular question in the affirmative. The main reason why this is the case is the water-repellent choice of material. This one resists the percolation of water and moisture to deliver an extremely dry interior.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Water-repellent Fabrics

As stated above, the waterproof backpack has the awesome ability to repel the percolation of water and moisture. This is mainly due to the fact that it possesses water-repellent fabrics and composition. These are further supplemented with the coated interior and zippers. They jointly combine to keep your contents high and dry at all times.

Coated Durable 600 Denier Fabric

Other than being water-repellent, the fabrics in use are also pretty durable. The fabric in question here is the coated 600 denier fabric. It is very strong as to be able to withstand intense impacts and the attendant possibility of sustaining tears and frays. As such, it lasts longer and guarantees you a higher level of reliability.

3x Industry Standard

Generally speaking, the bag exceeds the prevailing industry standards by a whopping three times. Given this fact, it is quite reliable in withstanding abrasion and water repellency. By placing your bet on it, you have the pleasure of maximum peace of mind to leverage at all times. This means greater outcomes at any given time.


  • Are pretty reliable at all times and under all working conditions
  • Performs well in extremely wet circumstances and environmental conditions
  • Has plenty of rooms for storing the various gears and essentials
  • Applicable in various circumstances of use reliably
  • Available in more than 30 different colors and prints for you to choose from


  • Mostly suited for females owing to the feminine appearance
  • Does cost some premium amounts of money
  • Performs comparatively fewer operational cycles

6. JanSport Digital Student Backpack

This is no doubt a good one backpack for every use.

Outstanding Features & Benefits

Modern Design

The design of this Jansport Backpack covers a lot of items in its digital break system. For the instances, it has a 15-inch laptop sleeve, tablet and mobile phone pocket, slot for earbuds. In a word, this is a bag for all in one.

Use for Laptop and Tablet

When you go to a walk for some day or a long tour, the essential products that bring with you like- laptop and mobile can easily enter this bag.


This Digital backpack comes out with a lot of colors and lucrative design. In addition to, it is made with high quality fabric. The zippers and straps are also proof that standard.


  • Separate Pocket for each item
  • Travel friendlier
  • Ensure value for money


  • laptop sleeve less than 15″. If your laptop size more than 15″, you can’t put it to the laptop sleep.

JanSport Big Student Backpack – JS00TDN7003

This is particularly for the students that is made by polyester and it has 5 colors. Generally, people count it as one of the best jansport backpack for students

Final Thought About Best Jansport Backpacks

Generally backpacks are essential for every time when you carry your laptop or school bag. Sometimes need whenever you’re in travel or for outdoors.

In addition, you can take your necessary documents or certificate like- driving license, passport,etc. Before buying a backpack you have to consider what types of backpack is perfect for you.


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