Top 6 Best Revlon Hair Dryers Reviews in 2022

Tired of cheap hair dryers burning out and becoming useless within a month of use? Well,worry no more cause Revlon is here to save you.

Hairdryers that come at a lower price than a lot of us tend to buy, cannot be used after a month. Either they burn out or become too hot to a point where you can see actual sparks of fire, or they just blow out normal air.

So today, we will help you buy the best Revlon hair dryer. In these reviews on Revlon hairdryer and styler, you will see that Revlon has quite a few options to choose from when it comes to this product and here you see the top one

We’ll review Revlon hair dryers that we consider of great quality and let you know about each of their specifications.

Why People Choose Revlon Hair Dryer?

Revlon is not a newfound brand. It has been around for ages. Here are a few reasons why people choose Revlon hair dryer:


The brand is well known for making high-quality cosmetics and electronics at a reasonable price.Their hair dryers, in particular, are quite durable. Some people have been using the same hairdryer for years straight without any damage.

Quality In Budget Price

Yes, the products are not the cheapest ones available in the market, but they do come at an affordable price. And logically, spending a bit more on a hair dryer that will last you ages is better than buying one every two months. The hair dryer won’t cause any accidents or sparks; the temperature is adjustable and not too harsh on your hair.


The brand also focuses on variety and quality. All of their products are made with the best resources in the hands of specialized and skillful workers. Revlon takes their time in perfecting a product before the tool or cosmetic is delivered to the customers.

So you know you’re getting your money’s worth. People starting from teenagers to professional hairstylists use products from Revlon for their high standard of performance, versatility, and ease of use.

Comparison Table of Top-rated Hair Dryer

6 Best Revlon Hair Dryer Reviews

A wide range of products to choose from is one of the features that make people love Revlon as a brand. This factor also plays a role in confusing the customers while deciding which hairdryer or styler they want.

1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Most of you already know about this product. We’re sure a lot of you came to this. This product is a cult-favorite.A lot of people struggle to achieve that salon-sleek blow-dry at home. Using both hands at once to do two different tasks with a hairbrush and a hairdryer can be tricky for almost all of us.

To get rid of this struggle, Revlon has designed a two-in-one product where they combine ten brush and dryer into one. This makes it easier to get those loose beachy curls at home.

Soft nylon pinned bristles on the brush help in detangling the hair without any tearing. Made with both ion generator and ceramic coating, this product keeps your hair looking shiny and smooth while distributing heat evenly.

With a power of 1100 watts, this model can be placed quite close to the scalp to get maximum volume. This is the perfect power for a hairdryer like this, as this means lesser damage.

Does the One-Step Hair Dryer Work?

We know a product that sounds so magical and perfect, it might seem like a hoax, but we can assure you that this product is all that it claims to be.You can get both a sleek straight look and a voluminous blown outlook by using this one product. Heat is also adjustable so you can adjust the temperature according to your preference.


Both a hairbrush and a hairdryer in one

Nylon pinned brush bristles make it easier to detangle your hair

Ceramic based hairdryer ensures even distribution of heat

The average power of 1100 watts ensures no damage to the hair

Can be placed quite close to the scalp

Safe for regular use


The brush can be a bit large for short hair

2. Revlon Perfect Heat Fast Dryer

Hairdryers that come with more power can dry your hair faster. They can distribute more heat, more evenly with greater speed. So if you’re in a hurry, we think you should take a look at this one.

With1875 watts of power, this hair dryer can dry your hair within minutes. If you always find yourself in a hurry or if you do not have that much time in your hand while getting ready for school, work, or an event, this hairdryer will be your best friend.

Greater speed and watt also mean more damage. Although this hairdryer is ceramic-based, which means the tool distributes heat evenly and not just in one spot, the high temperature might mean that your hair is getting more damaged.

With salon-like qualities and fast-drying properties, this one truly is one of the best Revlon blowdryers.

Is It a Fast Dry Dryer?

The power of 1875 watts makes sure that this product dries your hair as quickly as possible. Most hairdryers made for use at home come with 1200 to 1300 watts, but this one is quite powerful compared to that.

This Revlon hair dryer will dry your hair in minutes and will be your best companion when you’re in a hurry.


Two adjustable heat settings

A high power hairdryer that ensures speedy dry

Ionic technology controls frizz

Three layers of ceramic coating ensure even heat dispersal

Salon-like qualities in a home owned hair dryer


High power can damage hair

3. Revlon 1875W Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer

People with curly or natural hair grow up to hate blow dryers because of what the tool does to their natural bouncy curls. Traditional hair dryers cannot be used by people with natural hair as the product just does more damage and makes the hair frizzier.

What they need is a hair dryer like this that comes with a finger diffuser. This diffuser makes sure that heat spreads through those curls evenly, and there is no frizz.

Instead of using your hand to diffuse air into your hair and burning your fingers in the process, use this diffuser to keep your hair looking healthy and maintain the natural curl. 

Although this is quite a powerful hair dryer with 1875 watts, you can adjust the heat levels according to your preference. Go all the way up for a fast dry or stay in the middle for a soft, even look. 

You have three heat settings to choose from and two-speed settings as well. So you can mix and match these features to see what works best for you.


Cold shot button available to lock in any hairstyle

Great for people with natural or curly hair

Powerful hair dryer with 1875 watts but can be adjusted

Comes with two speed and three heat settings to choose from for you to mix and match

Finger diffuser added to save your hands while trying to spread heat through curly hair

Great product for the price you’re paying


Sometimes the handle gets hot

4. Revlon Hot Air Brush Kit for Styling & Frizz Control

If you want a two-in-one styler and a traditional hair dryer in one product, look no further. Most of the people who use the two-in-one styler from Revlon love it but sometimes miss the old traditional hair dryer. You might also need a normal straight nozzledhair dryer for a lot of hairstyles that you’re doing.

This model comes with two thermal brush attachments. One comes in a size of 1 inch and another in 1.5 inches. These work together with the hair dryer to give you voluminous curls or a simple blowout at home.

And when you need a typical hair dryer, you can switch out those brushes for a traditional straight nozzle with a simple click. What a versatile product to keep in your collection!

Given the longevity of Revlon products, you won’t have to purchase any other hair styling equipment after this one. Curling, straightening, volumizing, you can do it all with this tool.

Like all other Revlon products, this one also comes with ionic technology to take care of frizzy hair and three ceramic coatings to keep the hair healthy.This product comes with 1200 watts of power, two heat settings, and a cold air blower too.


Both a one-step styler and a typical hair dryer in one 

Comes with two thermal brushes


Tangle-free cord for ease of storage

Can be used on wet hair


Problems with the attachment of thermal brushes

5. Revlon 1875W Compact Travel Hair Dryer

Carrying a hair dryer in your bag while traveling is a smart thing to do. Not all hotels provide hair dryers, so just to be safe, a nice small hair dryer can be quite handy.

This model from Revlon, which comes with a retractable handle, is best for traveling. You can easily fit this one into your suitcase or even your gym bag. And you can take this one with you anywhere you want.Traveling with a hair dryer could mean tangled up wires.

But this one has specially designed swivel wires that prevent that. So you don’t have to spend hours detangling your hair dryer’s wire.A smoothing concentrator is included with the set, so you don’t have to purchase one separately.

As this hair dryer was made with traveling in mind, the product comes with a dual voltage system so you can use it anywhere in the world without any problems or accidents.Besides that, you have two speeds and heat settings to choose from. And you also get ionic technology and a three-layer ceramic coating.


Compact size can be taken anywhere for traveling or the gym

Smoothing concentrator included

Voltage can be changed depending on the place

Ionic technology and three ceramic layer

Lightweight and easy to carry

Easy to detangle wire


The product might get too hot

6. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer &Styler

It is another one of the one-step hair dryers, but with a twist. This Revlon product is also a one-step dryer, meaning it does the job of two products, a hairbrush, and a hair dryer. But this time, the difference is in the type of brush.

With this model, you get a paddle brush instead of a roller brush. As paddle brushes have been used for centuries by people, some prefer the type more than a roller brush.

Flexible bristles make sure to detangle your hair smoothly and softly to prevent any tearing or pulling. The flat side also gives more frizz control and is way easier to use.

1100 watts of power dry and style your hair quickly. It is great for any event on short notice. This amount of wattage makes sure that your hair dries quickly without any severe damage done to it.

So you could skip and prep or heat protection with this product as well. Just use it on damp hair for an intense blowdry and dry hair for a softer look.


Paddle brush makes the product easy to use

Flexible bristles detangle your hair without any pulling

1100 watts is perfect for a good amount of heat with low damage

Quick dry

Can be used close to the scalp

Use on both wet or dry hair


Bristles might deform

Revlon Hair Dryer Buying Guide

Which hair dryer you choose depends on your personal preference, but here are a few common factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing your product.

Power of the Hair Dryer

The greater the power on a hair dryer, the faster your hair will dry. But keep in mind this also means that there will be more damage done to your hair. For people who are buying a hair dryer for home, getting one with 1800watts is enough.

However, if you’re a professional hairstylist, you’ll have to buy a hair dryer with high watts, like 3600watts.

The Technology of a Hair Dryer

Hair dryers from the same brand can be made with different techniques and core materials.

So if you don’t want all the moisture to be sucked out from your hair, you could try a hair dryer that contains Tourmaline, and if you want a hair dryer that will give you an even heat distribution, you’ll look for hair dryers with a ceramic mechanism.


While styling your hair, you might need a lot of attachments or accessories that are not a core element of the hair dryer. So a lot of these might not be included with the hair dryer. Look out for accessories such as different sized nozzles while making your purchase.

Customization Settings

Getting a hair dryer that only works on one heat setting will damage your hair. One heat setting does not work on everyone. People with fine hair need low heat, while people with thick hair need more heat. So get a hair dryer that can have features for you to control and adjust the heat according to your preference.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Hair Dryer?

A few of the main things you should look for are longevity, safety, performance, and the ability to make adjustments to the heat. Also, look out for extra accessories and storage bags.

Question: Frequently Asked Questions

We know a lot of questions might bother you when making this purchase. So here are a few of the common questions answered that we think will be helpful for you.

1. Question: Does the Revlon dryer have frizz control?

Answer: Yes, the product is made with ionic technology and lightweight design to tame your frizzy hair.

2. Question: How one-step hair dryer works?

Answer: The one-step hair dryer comes in a brush form that distributes heat evenly throughout your hair to give you that salon-like blow dry at home

3. Question: What is the best wattage for a hair dryer?

Answer: An 1800-watt hair dryer will do if you’re buying one for personal use. For professionals, we recommend a 3600-watt hair dryer

4. Question: What kind of hair dryers do salons use?

Answer: Salons use hair dryers that have a higher power to give you the results you want faster. They might use both a traditional hair dryer and a one-step hair dryerat the same time.

Final Words

All of the products that we have mentioned on our list are a few of the best ones from Revlon.

The one-step hair dryers are great for quick styling, while the Revlon compact travel is easy to use anywhere anytime. If you were to ask us, we would choose the Revlon hot airbrush kit.

This one is a one-step styler and a traditional hair dryer in one. So if you want both the benefits, this one will be the one to go for.

Hopefully, you will find the perfect product for you from our best Revlon hair dryer list. Happy shopping!


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