6 Best NGK Spark Plugs Reviews & Guide In 2022

Spark plugs play an important role in igniting the air/fuel mixture in internal combustion systems. However, they too pose some risks and dangers. In particular, they are highly likely to produce some flames which might burn the whole automobile if not handled well. As a result, we talk about the​ ngk spark plugs wires reviews in this article.

That is why you want to pay some keen attention while choosing the one for your liking. With many plugs in existence, finding the right one may often be easy said than done. Fortunately, you do not have to travel that path at all. We are here to help you get sorted out.

We have done some serious study regarding this subject matter. We have identified and are going to review perhaps six of the best NGK spark plugs today. Lastly, we shall also examine a couple of frequently asked questions regarding this subject matter. Read through our NGK spark plugs reviews to gain the inspiration you require.

​Comparison Table of NGK Spark Plugs Reviews

Why NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug, Pack of 4 is the Best spark plugs?

Spark plugs come in diverse shapes and sizes. Due to these differences, you cannot afford to pick any at random. You badly want to settle on the very best possible. Of all the brands that engage in the manufacture of these spark plugs, it is the NGK that is the most outstanding.

For one, they install easily on the high-performance engine types. They are also strong enough to resist any forms of breaking. Lastly, they offer higher value for money notwithstanding the fact that they are costlier than your ordinary spark plug. You want to prioritize this brand.

​Complete Reviews of ​Ngk Spark Plugs Reviews

​1. NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug, Pack of 4

Is yours a performance car? If it is, then this NGK spark plugs Iridium is the one to look up to. It is strong and definitely great for those enduring riding conditions. The underlying reason is its extreme ignitability. It performs well even in moments of adverse weather conditions like rain and snow.

Also, the spark plug yields some greatly improved throttle responses. You will also find it quite reliable in matters anti-fouling. Further, most of its parts are welded for added strength. With these parts, they take on the most enduring of riding conditions. Expect it hence to endure the test of time.

It is not uncommon for the plugs to trigger some fires in the course of use. The manufacturers are aware of this very fact as well. That is why they have put in place measures to curtail this. With regards to this, they have fixed some corrugated ribs.

A large insulator yet again forms a vital component of this plug. Its role is to prevent fouling. This is for your own safety and well-being in the course of use. It also contributes to warding off those likelihoods of fires and other adverse issues.

Some other strong points of this plug are the ability to withstand electrical wear, strong heat endurance limits, leak-proof design, superior anti-seizing properties and excellent resistance to corrosion. These go a long way in making your experience all the more awesome.


• Strong and durable

• Performs well in moments of wet weather

• Unlikely to cause fires and sparks

• Demands limited repairs and maintenance

• You can rely on it for long-term applications


• Costly to come by

• Requires some expertise to handle

• Only for high-performance vehicles

​2. NGK 7090 BKR5EGP G-Power Spark Plug, Pack of 4

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? You certainly want a plug which you can easily install and handle. Of all the plugs under this review, perhaps none comes even close to this one. It contains some special configurations which are designed to improve its response on the whole.

While in the course of use, the spark plug resists fouling, prevents any likelihoods of flashover and yields some great throttle responses, on the whole. Your ordinary plug will often inflict higher fuel consumption rates. This is not the case with this one as it is designed for fuel efficiency.

At its core is the fine Platinum tip. This one measures 0.6 mm only and lowers the voltage levels that are ordinarily experienced in the course of use. Also, it gives off more stable sparks, which is necessary for reliable long-term use and applications.

Setting this plug father apart from others is the trivalent metal plating. With this feature, the plug provides some superior anti-seizing and anti-corrosion performances. This is due to the fact that it wards off the possibilities of leaks developing in the combustion chamber.

All factors considered, this plug is both economical and high performing. You will also find it applicable or compatible with many kinds of car models. You badly want to make it a priority in your search for the right spark plug.


• Cheap and affordable

• Requires almost no expertise to handle

• Fits many kinds of cars

• Yields moderate heat levels

• Safe to handle and engage


• Cannot take on high performing jobs well

• Has a shorter lifespan

• Lacks many vital parts

3. NGK 6619 Iridium Spark Plugs LFR6AIX-11 – 6 PCS *NEW*

This spark plug is designed for longevity. That is because it features the Iridium metal which is known to be strong and durable. You will hence find it great if you want to go longer and further. At the same time, its temperature endurance levels are awesome.

To deliver the heat to the internal combustion chamber, the plug makes use of some projected NGK spark plugs platinum. This tip is coated with platinum which is a good retainer of heat. With this arrangement, yet again expect your delivery of heat to be hassle-free and truly reliable in the long run.

At its center is some fine wire. This measures 0.6 mm and also doubles up as an electrode. The wire is the one that delivers the heat to the internal combustion chamber. Being fine, it does a pretty good job in that it does not dissipate too much heat.

Unlike all the other plugs, this one gives you the freedom to determine your preferred heat levels. It gives you an option to choose from 6 heating levels. You simply choose the one that will less likely inflict any harm to your car. This also makes it usable across many car models.

Further complementing its safety is the gasket that seals the fuel chamber. This one plays the role of preventing any unnecessary accidents. These accidents chiefly arise when the fuel leaks and is not handled or mitigated as promptly and reliably as it should.

Lastly comes the 14 mm thread. This thread is comfortable enough to prevent any stray sparks which may potentially harm your car. Due to the small gap, you will also hardly inflict any fire outbreaks which may, if not mitigated, pose some permanent damages to your car.


• Sealed for maximum safety

• Usable in many car models

• The small gap means a reduced likelihood of fire outbreaks

• Many heat range options for you to choose

• Delivers long-lasting outcomes


• Unsuitable for saloon cars

• Lower melting point

• You have to be an expert to use it

4. NGK (7092) BKR6EGP G-Power Spark Plug, Pack of 4

Do you have a career in matters automobiles? This multipurpose plug is yours for the taking if you do. Its multipurpose nature is mainly brought about by the variable NGK spark plugs heat range. It has to ability to deliver heat in six main temperature settings. In this way, it is possible for you to handle many kinds of tasks.

To shield you from accidental burns, this plug is appropriately insulated. The insulation reaches the comfortable 50.5 mm height. Given this comprehensive insulation, you get to obtain the confidence you need to do a good job. You will not have to worry about these associated accidents.

Further making this plug a nice possession is its awesome melting point. The plug can handle high heat levels mainly due to its effective resistance levels of 5000 Ohms. Yet again, you will be able to handle those substances which require you to put in too much heat comfortably.

All parts of this plug contain durable materials. Further to being durable, the materials are also able to take on demanding challenges. The core of the ground electrode is made of Nickel. At its center is the copper core. Lastly, its center electrode tip features the platinum material.

These unique parts combine to make your overall experience all the more worthwhile. Other than being prompt, they also remain stable and resilient under all circumstances of use. It is this trait that goes a long way in enhancing your overall experience. Further, it lets you handle many chores decently and without periodic breakdowns.


• Quite comprehensive to allow for all-rounded use

• Has a narrow gap size which suppresses the formation of sparks

• Trapezoidal in shape means seamless fitting

• Equipped with a gasket for your own safety

• Long thread diameter fastens tightly


• Certainly not for starters

• Costs a lot to restore if broken down

• Requires many accessories to operationalize

5. NGK 5464 BKR5EIX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug, Pack of 4

As stated above, different spark plugs are designed for different circumstances of use. If you are a performance enthusiast, this is the one to lay your hand on. The key reason underlying this is Iridium material construction. As we have stated severally, this material is strong and truly reliable.

To add to that, the plug also ignites readily and hotly. You do not have to go through too much stress to have your way at all. This makes the plug also suited for matters emergency. In case you operate a tight schedule, you will enjoy faster responses too!

Its tip is fine indeed. It is made of iridium, measures 0.6 mm and is finely-welded. Expect it hence to do you some good all the time. By virtue of this construction, the tip also lasts longer and yields consistent outcomes. Yet again, you have it for your long-term use and applications.

In the course using these plugs, it is not uncommon to experience some surge in voltage. Fortunately, this spark plug is designed to ward off such effects. It contains some tapered ground electrode. It is this that greatly reduces the quenching effects which are more likely to arise from time to time.

Lastly, it also contains some long insulator nose. The purpose of this nose is to prevent fouling. It is accompanied by some corrugated ribs which play down the flashover. A triple gasket seal on the other hand wards off the possibilities of gas leakages.


• Resists corrosion reliably and for longer

• Withstands seizures as well for consistent performances

• Hardly loses strength and composure in times of use

• Spares you from the adverse effects of gas leaks

• Improved throttle responses yield better performances


• May injure you if not taken good care of

• Potentially combustive owing to the hot sparks

• Quite costly to own and maintain

​6. 4 NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 YAMAHA YZF-R6 600

Do you mostly ply adverse weather conditions? If you do, this is the spark plug we ask you to lay your hand on. It is on the whole designed for extreme ignitability. This makes it perfectly suited for any demanding weather conditions. In particular, it does well in snow and floods.

Its benefits do not just end there. The plug also delivers some superior anti-fouling and improved throttle responses. For you to do well on the road, you cannot afford to overlook this spark plug. Further to these, the plug also yields some stable and consistent sparks.

This arises from the fine Iridium tips which adorn it. By possessing a higher melting point, Iridium sees to it that the spark produces high-temperature levels but without the risks of inflicting some burns on your car. It is for this reason that you may find the spark plug great too for your high-performance cars.

During the cold weather, it is also probable that the engine shall knock or seize. Yet again, this plug comes in handy. It embodies the trivalent metal plating. Thanks to this material makeup, the plug exudes some anti-corrosion and anti-seizing characteristics. It hence stays reliable even in poor weather.

By all accounts, this plug comes in the form of some ultimate design. In light of this, it boosts your technology and overall performance considerably. Expect to drive better for longer without fidgeting or encountering issues which might otherwise impede your day-to-day performances.

Closely related to the above, this plug also improves idling and throttle responses. By placing your bet on it, your car will get on its tracks better and comfortably. Hardly will it stop along the way as is the case with other cars. This definitely is some good news for you if you are a career racer or motorist.


• Outstanding acceleration

• Higher fuel efficiency

• Delivers better electrode anti-oxidation

• Improved ignition

• Superior anti-fouling traits


• Quite complicated to install

• Using it may not be that easy

• Care and maintenance is also tricky

​Buying Guides

​A) How Spark Plug Works

The plug is connected to a high voltage which arises from the magneto or ignition coils. This connection triggers a flow of electrons from the coil. This, in turn, triggers an imbalance of voltage between the center and side electrodes.

With the increase in voltage level comes a change in the structure of the gases between the electrodes. As soon as this voltage surpasses the dielectric strength of the gas (typically at 20,000 volts), it ionizes. Having been ionized, it changes to be a conductor and in turn lets electrons flow through the gap.

As the current increases across this gap, it ups the temperature of the spark channel. When this temperature hits 60,000 K, it creates some intense heat which expands the gases rapidly. This sudden expansion creates an explosion which generates the fire.

B) Different Types Of Spark Plugs

There are four main kinds of spark plugs. These are:

Regular Platinum Spark Plugs

A regular platinum spark plug is perhaps the most basic of all the spark plugs. It comprises a platinum disc at its the center. For this reason, it is stronger and more durable. Thanks to its high heat capacity, it hardly leaves any debris unburned.

Double Platinum Spark Plugs

Double platinum spark plugs are so called because they emit two electric currents at a time rather than one. It channels the first current to the compression stroke cylinder while the second to the exhaust stroke. In all, it is more reliable in adverse weather conditions.

Copper Spark Plugs

Of all the various spark plugs, it is this that has the largest diameter. Subsequently, it generates higher voltage levels and also lasts comparatively longer. Unfortunately, it is mostly suited for older cars as they are incompatible with the newer versions.

Iridium Spark Plugs

If your search for the right spark plug is dictated by the need for long term applications, this is the one to go for. It is by far the most durable. This stems from the high-quality material construction which it is made of.

​C) How To Change And Inspect Spark Plugs

Step I: Locate The Spark Plugs

Start off by locating the spark plugs. You will find them in most cars save for those that are diesel-powered. In many car models, you will find them near the tops of the engines. Sometimes, they are buried underwires or plastic covering.

Step II: Access Those Plugs

Now access those plugs. Simply get to their locations and unbolt the coil packs. After this, pull the wires carefully to reveal their top ends. You might have to use a spanner for the job.

Step III: Eliminate The Existing Plugs

Eliminate the existing plugs now. You might have to bring in some elbow grease to help you smooth the joints. As you do this, clear out any debris from around the spark plug area. Use a clean rag and take note that nothing falls in the cylinder.

Step IV: Slot In The New Spark Plugs

Time is now rife for you to slot in the new spark plugs. For you to do this, you have to use some gauge. You have to maintain a high degree of precision for the best outcomes. Refer to your manufacturer’s manual for the precise specifications and measurements.

Step V: Install The New Plugs

Having slotted in the new plugs, you should now go ahead and install them. Tighten the plugs correctly using a torque wrench. Being a precise art, you might have to bring in an expert to your rescue here. Pop the spark plug wire to place. Lastly, fix those parts you had to remove to access the plug in the first place.

e) Spark Plug Diagnosis

From time to time, the spark plug shall definitely malfunction. You will hence have to diagnose it to get to the root of the problem. In this segment, we shall look into those issues which you have to take care of to undertake this role well.

Check Your Engine’s Performance

How your engine performs is partly determined by the health of your spark plugs. If you note anything unusual with your engine, that could mean an issue with your spark plug as well.

Carry Out Some Visual Surveys

Locate the spark plug and examine it visually. Look out for any signs of physical damages. Also, check out for soot, rust, oil deposits, dents or other kinds of physical damages. For best results, you have to bring in an experienced mechanic to help you out.

Tackle The Issues Appropriately

Lastly, you have to tackle those issues appropriately. You may not have the expertise to go about such issues alone. This means you must just bring in an expert to your rescue. Go for an experienced mechanic who has solved such issues in the best if you want to be on the safe side.​

​Things To Know Before Buying Spark Plugs

Car Model

Cars definitely come in different models. It is necessary that you pay keen attention to the model of your car as you search for the right spark plug. You do not want to arrive at a spark plug which does not fit the model of your car.

Type of Spark Plug

As noted and explained above, spark plugs also come in diverse types and kinds. It is also necessary that you pay keen attention to these types and kinds as well. This is also necessary to aid you in arriving at the very best of purchase possible.


Each spark plug has its own specifications. You also have to pay attention to these specifications as well. Be sure that the one you have in mind bears those dimensions, qualities and technical expertise which you have to work with. Considering this will minimize any blunders on your part.

Desired Longevity

For how long do you want to make use of these spark plugs? If you want to use yours for an extended duration of time, settle for that which is strong and durable. The iridium makeup will most likely yield you this long-term reliability.

Installation Expertise

Owing to their different specifications, these spark plugs also require varying expertise to handle. You have to factor your own expertise first and foremost before looking for the right spark plug. If you do not do this, you have to be prepared to bring in experts each time you want to install yours.

Care and Maintenance Requirements

Just like every other appliance, the spark plugs also wear out with time. You have to be real to this fact as well. That is why you also want to figure out the various care and maintenance requirements which might be needful in the process.

​Simple FAQ’s

#1: Do the new spark plugs improve performance?

A. YES, it does! Newer spark plugs are definitely better in shape and construction. They are subsequently more likely to do a better job. This is over and above requiring less voltage to yield the same level of outcomes.

#2: Do spark plugs increase horsepower?

A. Some spark plugs have been noted to increase horsepower. This is however dependent on the construction of the engine and the timing of the ignition.

#3: Is there a difference in the spark plugs?

A. YES, there are! These plugs come in diverse shapes, sizes, and specifications. Definitely, these differences play out in the final performances. You should hence be mindful of these differences as you search for the right plug.

#4: Which is better between the platinum and iridium spark plugs?

A. Generally speaking, Iridium spark plugs are stronger and more durable. They also have a higher melting point (roughly 700°).

#5: How often should you replace spark plugs?

A. In all, you should do so once after every 30,000 miles. However, refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the best timing since these vary greatly from car model to another.

​Final Words

Having received the insight you need about these spark plugs, is it not wise of you to now go ahead and find the right one? Just read through our explanations above carefully to arrive at the best possible NGK spark plugs UK for your liking.

Many people have still been unable to make the right choice even after reading through our explanations. You do not have to be like them. Simply refer to us if you happen to get stuck along the way. We shall come to your rescue, much like we have assisted several persons before. Best of luck in your search!


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