Bike Helmet Safety Facts: 7 Quick Tips For You & Kid’s

At the learner stage of the ride in a bike, the helmet may not a mandatory option but after learning it and outside the garden or road, wear a bike helmet is a must. As a result, we write down this bike helmet safety facts for you and for your children, the most important part of your life.

Safety comes first more than ever before and you can check a good list of bicycle helmet mirror. There are no alternatives to it and you should aware of it all time.

Bike Helmet Safety Facts

The key bike helmet safety facts are given below:

  • According to the statistics since 1932- in the United States 44,000 bicyclists died in traffic crashes.
  • In 1997, 813 bicyclists were killed, and 58,000 were injured in traffic-related crashes.
  • The child under 15 years also fetches these types of injuries.
  • To protect these types of injuries and reduce, you’ve to use a helmet.
  • By using bicycle helmet, you can mitigate head and brain injuries near about 85-88%. So this is the massive result for using a bike helmet.

Bike Safety Tips

1. Bike size 

The bike that you’ve or for your child must ensure the bicycle size first and then the helmet. Also, check the bicycle and its necessary parts and they work well.

2. Meet the Safety Standard 

When you go to the shop and choose the brand of helmet, after that you’ve to check the sticker of the helmet that meets your needs. If it doesn’t meet your requirements, not to buy it.

3. Proper fittings

The helmet that you’re going to buy for you please put it to your head and ensure this is fit to your head and you feel comfortable.

4. Replace The Damage One

If you find any scratches to your helmet or it may fall down and damage, so please replace the newer one.

5. Cost vs Life 

You can think the price of the helmet is more enough for your present wallet but life is more than all. So, the cost of the helmet that is less than $100 is not compared to your life.

6. Put the helmet in Bike

You can think about a short time ride to your garden but there have one task outside your garden and ride a bicycle without a helmet. This is also a risk for you and can make an injury. So, put the helmet to your bike all the time and avoid any injury.

7. Cautions for Parents

Its parent’s duty to check when your children go out with bike makes ensure the helmet and you near with his/her. Ages between 5 to 14 are injured in bike more than any other sports

The Legislative Status Of Helmet

In the year 1986, first bicycle law was passed in California. In 1993, this law was amended for the children who are under 18.

You can check the Bicycle helmet law with its jurisdiction and different ages here.

Helmet Fittings Minimum Criteria

Check out the 3 things before buying a bike that is fit for you.

  • Eyes: The helmet is 1 to 2 fingers wider in the front and back side for safe your head.
  • Ear: In the years, it looks just “Y” shape not any loose.
  • Mouth: After putting it you have enough space to take the breath.

The above information makes you a good sense about to buy and conscious about using a bike helmet. Moreover, helmets are changing day by day like a helmet in the 19th century are very different now. So, the shape and design are not matched with earlier one.

After a long study and market research company produces the best helmet mirror for you as a safeguard.


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