Magic Bullet Reviews | Best Blender Guide 2022 [Honest and Unbiased]

Are you tired of having to spend a lot of time cutting those veggies?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know about the Magic Bullet systems! These blenders make our lives easier by cutting, chopping, and grinding those raw ingredients to prepare a delicious dish.

Our Magic Bullet reviews focus on six products that deliver the best performance. They’re durable, efficient, and versatile too, increasing the possibilities of things you can do with these systems.

So, if you’re looking to enhance the cooking experience, continue reading, and let’s learn about all the things that make the Magic Bullet products an acquisition we didn’t know we needed in the house.

Why Magic Bullet Blender for Your Kitchen?

Here are a couple of reasons why you should get one of these blenders;

Versatile Machines

Need to prepare food while in a hurry? The Magic Bullet machines make your cooking activities easier. Food, beverages, and more, they do it all.

A Machine for Everyone

The elderly, adult, and children benefit from having a Magic Bullet. These blenders are capable of creating the healthiest food to keep everyone satisfied and safe.

Less Time Cutting

Remember when you had to spend hours cutting? That’s not an issue anymore. With the Magic Bullet, cutting, chopping or grinding are activities that will no longer consume a long time of your day.

Why Is Magic Bullet MBR-1701 in Top of the List?

This particular blender takes the higher spot because it is both reliable and durable. Sure, it might have a couple of issues as you’ll learn during our review of the product, but there aren’t other options available at a similar price capable of providing the benefits this machine offers.

After getting used to it, Magic Bullet MBR-1701 the 17 pieces will allow your creativity to run free and create the most delicious recipes. And that’s not only for adults but for the children too.

You get what you pay for, and the stainless steel pieces, just like the plastic ones, provide a durable machine that will endure the test of time.

Our Top 6 Magic Bullet Reviews

Now, we’re reviewing the top 6 picks for the best Magic Bullet machines.

1. Magic Bullet MBR-1701 Blender

This blender is a clear example of how to do things right without spending too much money. It is a 17 piece system that works at high speeds to chop, blend or grind.

The cups included are plastic pieces capable of resisting low impacts, and that’s only a few of the accessories included because there are more.

For the main compartment, it uses durable material for its construction, and you’re capable of seeing through it to know when to stop. It is a standard design, but let me tell you why it is an advantage while using this machine.

You see, the manufacturer takes pride saying the blender works in seconds, but that’s not the case at all. It is not capable of cutting the ingredients in less than 10 seconds as specified, and you need to take more than that to get the results desired.

Another disadvantage is that we had to cut the ingredients into smaller pieces to get the blender to chop them. Otherwise, it wouldn’t do anything. We’re not sure if the motor lacks power or the blades are null, or perhaps both, but that’s an issue that could become frustrating.

Overall, it is an alright machine that gets the job done for daily applications.


  • Durable blender system
  • Resistant stainless steel blades
  • 17 comfortable pieces to prepare a variety of recipes
  • Suitable to prepare baby food


  • Requires pre-cutting the ingredients, or it won’t chop them completely

2. Magic Bullet NBR-1201R Blender

While the other products listed in our Magic Bullet reviews do fairly well, this next machine is one of our favorites. This one is indeed a little more expensive, but it is worth it because people following a diet will have an incredible ally if they decide to use it.

It is a stylish and beautiful blending machine that doesn’t lack power. With this system, preparing healthy food becomes easier, which help us continue on our diet with the trouble of cutting and doing everything by ourselves.

The blender uses a 600-Watt motor capable of cutting almost everything, and it features two types of blades; one flat, and another emulsifying one. With those two, there’s little to nothing the blender can’t do.

One thing that surprised us was how well it performs cracking through the tougher ingredients, making it a reliable choice for every household.

Nonetheless, we started to notice the blades didn’t hold up after some time of using the system. They degrade quickly, which has led us to replace them shortly. It is an issue that continues happening even after following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Other than that, there aren’t other noticeable issues that we noticed. It delivers delicious results. To use it, you only need to twist and push.

It is a device that everyone can use, regardless of how experienced you are in the kitchen.


  • Perfect choice to prepare healthy food and follow your diet
  • 600-Watt motor delivers enough power to cut through almost everything
  • Easy to use
  • Parts are safe for the dishwasher


  • The blades degrade quickly, making you change it after a short time of use
  • High price

3. Magic Bullet Express Deluxe Blender

This 26 piece beast comes to deliver everything you could need from a blender, except that it fails when you most need it.

The blades, although marketed as being sharp, have issues cutting the softest ingredients, like cheese. But, not everything is negative. At least you wouldn’t have to worry about cutting your fingers while you’re washing it.

There are a couple of other advantages too.

One of them is that it features screws on the rims, which is different, but it works well. It prevents issues like the liquid drizzling over the pieces if you decide to drink the beverage out of the container. Unorthodox? Perhaps, but it is a little detail that didn’t escape our attention.

If you’re tired of loud machines, then that’s also another issue that you won’t have to worry about while using this Magic Bullet. It barely produces any sound, which people appreciate every time.

However, the problems start coming up when you want to chop ingredients like vegetables. It cuts them, eventually, but we’re trying to figure out if it wouldn’t be faster if we do the cutting by hand.

And, when you finish cutting the vegetables with this blender, the result is less than desirable. It turns into a gooey paste that will take away our appetite.


  • Includes small containers to keep the food secured
  • Doesn’t produce loud noises
  • Structure design prevents liquid leaks
  • Durable steel blade construction


  • Lacks sharp blades
  • Cutting veggies results in a gooey paste

4. Magic Bullet Small 11-PC Blender

This Magic Bullet is a valuable machine capable of chopping vegetables and other ingredients easily, and that’s why it has made it in our top list.

One feature we liked about this blender was the Flip Top To-Go. Whenever in a hurry, you can use the lid to maintain your beverages secured inside, and with a nice temperature. It is an incredible accessory that will prove its worth if you want to go out for some morning running, or to the gym.

It includes a highly informative recipe book, allowing us to try new dishes or desserts. If you don’t cook regularly, you’ll find that this recipe book offers the information you need to start making your delicious food.

We also enjoyed the hassle-free cleaning. Doing the dishes is an activity that not many people enjoy, but cleaning this machine was not complicated at all. It only needs some soap to rinse, and barely anything else. Additionally, the cups are dishwasher safe too.

Nonetheless, the machine had problems when we put some frozen fruits in it. More specifically, it is compare with frozen strawberries. The blender’s performance while cutting these ingredients was lacking, which resulted in disappointment.

But we couldn’t ask much for it. We knew beforehand that the motor wouldn’t be as powerful as others, and that was the result.


  • Affordable, low price
  • Comfortable performance considering its price
  • Recipe book included


  • Doesn’t chop through frozen fruits

5. Magic Bullet Baby Care Machine

Are there little ones in the house? How about considering a machine thought out especially for them?

This next Magic Bullet pick is affordable devices that will make the baby enjoy that food without turning it into a mess. It is non-toxic, and BPA free, which ensures there’s no risk of consuming the food it prepares.

Although most of the times recipes included with cooking machines aren’t the best, we appreciated the one that came with this device. There is a lot of information to maintain the baby’s diet and how to use the Magic Bullet properly.

Once you assemble it, it works consistently, allowing you to prepare the next week of baby food. And with the additional storage cups, you’re able to keep the food secured and set dates to avoid it from spoiling.

The time you take to prepare the food with this machine is just as much as the amount you spend doing the cleaning, which is a few seconds, and no more.

However, a regular issue kept coming up while using the machine. If you use it for a long time continuously, it will overheat. There’s no way around it other than taking breaks in-between to prevent overloading.

Also, we couldn’t help but notice an odd smell coming from the motor as it was overheating. It is something to keep in mind, for sure.


  • Date dial in every one of the six storage cups
  • Useful recipe included
  • Easy to clean
  • The storage tray helps to keep the cups in place
  • Affordable


  • Using the machine for too long overheats it
  • The motor produces an odd smell sometimes

6. Original Magic Bullet Blender, 17-Pieces

Though it comes late in our reviews, don’t judge it just yet. Give it a chance, and you’ll see how this machine is more than capable of competing with the other products listed higher. Use it to chop, mix, blend, or grind, among other things, and it will perform well in a matter of seconds.

It works for most foods or ingredients, but we’ve tested it out creating a couple of smoothies, and shakes primarily, and it has provided delicious results. Testing these machines with beverages is one of the particular tests to see how well the magic bullet does, and it delivers what we expected.

The cleaning process afterward was pretty simple too. If you like using your blender regularly, the easy-to-clean pieces will make your task easier. It is a dishwasher-safe machine, with stainless-steel blades to ensure it won’t get damaged by water or other external elements.

Also, for the most creative chefs, the blender comes available with plenty of accessories.

For the regular homeowner, all of those pieces could become an issue, though. There’s just too many! You better have a lot of storage space available to keep them secured. People could see it as an advantage, but perhaps they could’ve done more with less. At least that’s our perception.


  • A versatile machine that blends, chops, grinds, and more
  • Delivers results in a quick operation, requiring only seconds
  • Durable construction with transparent design
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • The accessories included could be unnecessary and space-consuming for the regular cook

Magic Bullet VS Nutri Bullet– Which One is Better?

The Magic or the Nutri blender, which Bullet machine is the better for you? That’s a question that probably has been lingering around your mind since you started researching about these blenders.

And, to be fair, it is a tough decision because they share some similaritiestoo. Let’s talk about them first.

Similarities of the Magic Bullet & NutriBullet

They come from the same manufacturer, which naturally uses the same technology to design and create their machines. Because of that, you can use them for similar purposes, such as preparing smoothies or making juice, among other things.

Also, another similarity that comes as an advantage is that they’re both easy to use and clean.

With some Magic Bullet, you might have to cut the ingredients before, but then, the process is the same: put the ingredients in, and press the start button.

What Makes Them Different, Then?

The motor capacity is one of the most noticeable differences. Magic Bullet often use 250W motors, allowing users to create a variety of recipes. However, one of its disadvantages is that it doesn’t work well with raw ingredients.

On the other hand, we have the NutriBullet, which uses a 600W motor. It is more powerful, and it works better with tougher ingredients. Ice, seeds, nuts, and raw food are a couple of the ingredients the NutriBullet can process.

Things to Consider While Buying

What features should you consider before buying? We talk about it next.

Motor Capacity

The watts of the motor will be a decisive factor between the ingredients you can or can’t put in the blender. For raw and frozen food, you’ll need a more powerful motor, making the NutriBullet a more suitable choice instead of Magic Bullet.

Sharp Blades

To cut the ingredients, you’ll need sharp blades. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a blender that doesn’t, well, blend. Keep in mind that it is not only for chopping food, but it should also be capable of preparing smoothies or juices.

For that reason, stainless steel blades are often the best choice Push & Twist Functionality

The purpose of having a Magic Bullet is to reduce the time that you’d spend cutting or chopping in the kitchen. It would be counterproductive having a machine that makes those tasks harder than they should be.

Fortunately, the blenders listed in this review are all easy to use. To make it work, it requires no more than putting the ingredients inside, to push it, and twist. If a blender demands more than that, then don’t even consider it.

Some Magic Bullets also demand that you cut the ingredients before putting them in the cup, so that’s another thing to keep in mind.

Dishwasher Safe

Cooking is fun, but cleaning up afterward could be nasty. Make sure the blender you choose is safe to clean at the dishwasher. Of course, you must put your focus on the blades to keep it from hurting your fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Magic Bullet do?

These blenders have a variety of purposes, and they offer high versatility. You can use them to prepare smoothies or juices, as well as cutting or chopping ingredients. With the Magic Bullet, you’ll be able to prepare food and beverages for everyone in the house.

2. Should I choose a Magic Bullet or NutriBullet?

It is a question that we covered before, and it all comes down to how much power you’re going to need. NutriBullet blenders are often more powerful, and they cut through raw ingredients easier.

3. Can the Magic Bullet crush ice?

Yes, they can. Other things you can do with it is to grind coffee or nuts.

4. How Magic Bullet works?

It is a quick operation. You need to put the ingredients inside the large cup, set it up over the base, and push down the button. There isn’t anything complicated about it, and everyone can do it.

5. How to sharpen Magic Bullet blades?

After detaching the extractor blade and confirming it requires sharpening, you can use a fine grit sharpening plate, and pass it over the edges of the blades.

Final Words

Through our totally unbiased Blender Magic Bullet reviews, we’ve covered a variety of blenders to make your cooking experience more satisfying. Now, it is your choice to decide which one is the best for your purposes.


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