Braun vs Philips Shaver | Which Electric Shaver Best For You

When it comes to shaving we want to make sure we choose the best razor for our skin! After all, we don’t want nicks and bad hair growth. So how can we choose the best razor? The most important thing is to first know what type of razor is best for your needs. What exactly are you looking for? How often do you shave? Do you have a blade preference?

These are all important factors that go into choosing a razor. Shavers are reviewed quite frequently but often times we want to just see the difference in types of razors and their features. The Norelco 5800 review shows that it is one of the best razors with high reviews, but it also differs in many ways to the Braun series shavers.

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Benefits Of Using These Shaver

Taking a look at two of the most reputable brands of shavers, Braun and Philips, one can easily tell they both have great benefits. These two brands shouldn’t be looked at as competition, rather, they should be looked at as to what technique and features you need and/or want.

Both razors can shave facial hair and scalp. Prior to purchasing an electric shaver, think about what you want out of your shaver. 

So, please carefully read the full topic about Braun vs Philips shaver.

What Is The Braun Shaver?

The Braun brand has been around for quite some time, dedicating itself to an electric shaver that exceeds your expectations. The Braun shaver adapts to your beard and hair growth, and provides a clean cut and finish.

There are many different types but the most popular are the Braun series 3, 5, and 7. What about amongst those? The Braun series 3 vs 5 vs 7 and what about Braun series 7 vs series 9? They are all equally great, except the models are newer and come with small key features and upgrades.

Why People Use this Braun Shaver?

The Braun series shavers are great for those who like a wet and close shave, and this is because Braun focuses solely on creating shavers with a foil shaver. A foil shaver will typically shave closer to the skin; however, this isn’t that beneficial if you have sensitive skin. For sensitive skin you might prefer a rotary shaver like the Philips Norelco 5800.

The Braun shaver will also be your best choice if you like a powerful shaver. The Braun series 5, which is an older model, had 30,000 cutting actions per minute. The newer model, the series 9, has gone up to 40,000 cutting actions per minute. What does this power mean? Well, if you have a heavy thick beard, or if you have a curly or coarse beard, then you will definitely need more power in your shaver.

What is The Philips Shaver?

The Philips Norelco is a well-known shaver that provides amazing results. Like the Braun, it has distinct features and aims at providing a clean and healthy finish while also focusing on speed and precision for places such as your mustache or sideburns.

Why People Use This Shaver?

The Philips Norelco is a rotary shaver. This means it goes in circles and follows the spin rounded blades as they trim your hair. This is incredibly beneficial for those who have sensitive skin as the rotary shaver is much gentler on skin. If you are prone to breakouts, or in general have delicate skin then the Philips Norelco is for you, as it is the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

In the Braun vs Philips epilator, the Philips has a winning hand on being able to provide a dry shave. It can provide both wet and dry shaves; however, it is better using a dry shave method. If your shaving habits are quick and dry, then the Philips Norelco 9800 vs 9700 would be a great option for you.

What Is The Main Difference Between Braun Vs Philips Shaver?

When it comes to comparing the Braun shaver and the Philips Norelco, the main difference is in the type of shaver they both are. First, there is the debate of a foil vs rotary shaver.

The Braun is a foil shaver. A foil shaver moves back and forth in straight even lines. On the other hand, a rotary shaver moves in circular motions. The Braun shaver is a foil epilator, while the Philips is a rotary one. In terms of power, the Braun is heavily more powerful.

However, the Philips Norelco razor has great power for an efficient and quick shave. In regards to a wet or dry shave, the newer models of the Philips Norelco like the Norelco 9700 or 9800 have a close comparison to the wet shave of a Braun. However, Norelco 5200 review states that it is better for a wet shave. The Braun is recommended for a wet shave but can also handle a dry shave.

Lastly, battery life and maintenance are two important factors in owning a shaver. Both shavers last roughly between 50 minutes and 60 minutes.

The Philips Norelco has a neat and helpful function known as quick charge. This will allow the shaver to charge quickly in case you forgot to charge and need just enough battery to allow yourself a quick shave.

Both shavers are easily maintained and if well taken care of can last for years. One difference in cleaning solutions is that Braun’s cleaning solution is alcohol based and Philips Norelco’s is not.

Final Thought About Braun vs Philips Shaver

After reviewing both of these reputable and wonderful razors, it is safe to say there is not one better than the other, rather, it all comes down to your personal preference and needs. When looking for the perfect shaver it is important to look keep in mind your characteristics such as thickness and type of facial hair, technique, and the time you dedicate to personal grooming.

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