Dr Martens Vs Red Wing Boots | Discover The Hidden Things

Also worth considering is the Red Wing boots. These, as the name suggests, are primarily red in color. They are equally tougher and more likely to grant you the reliability you require to do a good job. Even though they are little known, they too have the potential to give Dr. Martens a run for its money.

In this last comparison article, we are going to examine the features and traits of these boots to find out how they are more likely to fair on while you put them on.

​Why People Buy Dr. Martens?

Most past users like Dr. Martens because of the fact that all the crucial parts and components are made of leather. Their soles also provide some tight and reliable grip on the ground. By putting them on, many people have found that they are secure and quite unlikely to fall off.

In most instances, people like them because of the fact that they are very reliable in undertaking those chores which are ordinarily daunting.

Why People buy red wing Boots Work Boots?

Many people have fallen in love with the synthetic soles and 100% leather body of the shoes. These two traits are tough and more reliable. They have hence yielded added protection to the feet of those who put them on.

Other than this, they also offer added traction to the ground are also less likely to trip you off or make you fall. Their Goodyear welt construction coupled with the triple-stitched quality jointly make them look great and very beautiful.

Basic Difference Between These Welding Boots


As you put on the two boots, you will notice that they have varying traction levels. This is due to the differences in the quality of their soles. The Dr. Martens range of boots comprises the textured rubber sole which offers some decent traction.

The traction mechanism for the Red Wings boots, on the other hand, comes in the form of the Moc-toe boot white traction. When weighed in their own merits, the Red Wings provide better and more reliable traction of the two. You are hence safer and better taken care of with the latter boots under your feet.


Apart from providing you excellent traction, these boots are also designed with stability in mind. Their soles are wider and hence more stable. They, however, do exhibit some inherent differences as pertains the degrees of stability they exude.

The Dr. Martens range of the boots is made of the reliable AirWair™ sole while the Red Wings are manufactured using some synthetic soles. Of these two, the former is more stable and reliable options. By putting on the Dr. Martens boots, you are more stable and secure enough to handle your chores with limited hassles.


The upper of these two boots are wholly made of leather. However, the soles of the Red Wings are made of synthetic materials and are hence comparatively less durable. On the basis of this parameter, Dr. Martens clearly take the lead.

You will more likely perform numerous operational cycles with them. It, therefore, follows that you purchase of these boots will yield you higher returns on investments and greater value for your money. Why would you even contemplate looking elsewhere for your boots?


As you put on Dr. Martens, you will receive some decent clearance. These come in the form of the 1.5-inch heel and the 0.75-inch platform respectively. As for the Red Wings, the heels measure a paltry 1 inch while the platform measures the same 0.75 inches.

Dr. Martens yet again carries the day with regards to clearance as it has a slight edge over its competitor. This means that you shall be less likely to be entangled, tripped, or even predisposed to the risks of falling off while engaging the various tools in your premise.

Comfort and Wearability

Their manufacturers have also put in place certain measures to make them more comfortable and wearable. The one for Dr. Marten fits some leather lace-up and cushioned collar for your comfort. The leather lace-up allows for easier insertion and retrieval of your feet. Its cushioned collar confers some added comfort while negating the likelihood of bruises.

As for the Red Wings, their boot opening measures around 6 inches. This is large enough to allow also for simplified insertion and removal of the feet. As you may see though, Dr. Martens boots have more comfort features which make them the outright winners with regards to this consideration.

​Final Words

Those people who value stability and excellent traction have naturally fallen in love with the Red Wing boots. They have however complained of its higher prices which have generally tended to be prohibitive. That is why a good number of opted instead for Dr. Martens.

There you have it! If quality is all you might be looking for, the Red Wings are your best bet. If you, however, care for your pockets, you might want to settle for the less reliable Dr. Martens.


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