A Complete Guide On Dr Martens Vs Wolverine Welding Boots

Are you a workman? Do you want to be very comfortable as you go about undertaking your everyday chores? You have to find and make use of the best work boots available. You have a choice between Dr. Martens and the Wolverines.

Given that these boots are almost of the same quality, it is necessary that you know their differences and makes the best choice. We have dedicated this first article towards just that.

​Why People Buy Dr. Martens?

Most people prefer Dr. Martens due to their leather construction. This construction allows for longer operational cycle courtesy of the awesome durability they exude. Most of these boots are also fitted with the AirWair™ sole.

They are flat, wide and stable enough to let you work without any fears of falling off or skidding. Their lace-up, contrast stitching mechanism and the textured soles also combine to make them more reliable.

​Why People Buy Wolverine?

Just like Dr. Martens boots, the Wolverines are also wholly made of leather. They possess some removable cushion foot-bed which expedites the cleanliness and also soaks up excess sweat. Their soles are however synthetic which makes them cheaper yet confer the same levels of reliability as their rubber counterparts.

On the whole, these boots have higher platforms which measure an average of 0.75 inches. Their soles are also slip-resistant and are hence more stable and quite reliable indeed.

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Basic Difference Between Dr Martens vs Wolverine Welding Boots

These welding boots differ in the following regards:


They differ with regards to the grip that they have with the road or surface on which they are worn and used. Dr. Martens’ sole is made of textured rubber. This one offers a firm grip but at the same time is agile enough to allow for easy maneuverability.

As for the Wolverine boots, their soles are simply slip-resistant. As such, they are mainly great for areas that experience excess moisture and are hence slippery. Regardless of how busy or complicated your movements are or could be, you may count on the boots to offer you the required stability.


Also, set these boots apart are the stability levels they provide. The main determinants of stability levels are the width of the soles and by extension the texture markings. On the basis of this consideration, both these boots tie. This notwithstanding the fact that their soles are made of different materials.

Those of Dr. Martens are made of the legendary AirWair™ sole while those of the Wolverines are manufactured using the synthetic materials. They, however, have more or less similar widths and confer pretty much the same levels of traction. There is thus no clear winner with regards to this consideration.


All factors considered, Dr. Martens’ boots are more durable than their Wolverine’s counterparts. This variation is mainly brought about by the differences in the kinds of materials that are used to make up their upper and other vital parts. For a start, the Dr. Martens boots are made entirely of genuine leather.


This material is ordinarily long lasting and also endures the various impacts and elements of deterioration with much resilience. By virtue of only partly comprising genuine leather, the Wolverines’ boots are not so reliable. When worn for longer, they tend to wear out with ease. The same applies when they are used to tackle more difficult chores.


To enable you to do your work better without any dangers of getting entangled, these boots have some clearance. However, these clearances vary between the two kinds of boots. The heels and platforms of Dr. Martens measure 1.5 inches and 0.75 inches respectively.

Those of the Wolverines, however, measure 1.75 inches and 0.75 inches respectively. From the foregoing, it follows that the Wolverines provide higher clearance levels of the two kinds of boots. You are hence likely to trip, fall, or sustain injuries with them on your feet. If your workspace is entangled or stuffy, they are the boots to go for.

Comfort and Wear ability

Lastly, they also differ with regards to their comfort and wear ability. This variation is also due to the inherent differences in their makeup and material composition. The Dr. Martens boots are opened and closed by use of some leather lace-up. They are also accompanied by the cushioned collar for added comfort to your feet.

As for Wolverine’s boots, they have some removable cushion footbed. Its primary role is to make your feet comfortable. By being removable, it allows for easy cleanliness and maintenance. With regards to this parameter, Dr. Martens are more comfortable on the whole.

​Final Thought About Dr. Martens vs Wolverine

Of these two kinds of shoes, Dr. Martens clearly stand out as the most reliable. They are longer lasting, more stable, tougher and more durable. In your search for the right boot, you badly want to give them a higher priority.

In case you are short on cash though, you might want to consider the Wolverines. They are cheaper yet still able to deliver more or similar levels of output. Their only drawback is that they last shorter.

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