Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel Work Boots Reviews

Working in an unforgiving environment should never imply forfeiting style and aesthetics. Dr. Martens understand this fact only too well. That is why it has endeavored to make its range of boots very stylish to behold.

You have this particular set of boots for your consideration if you are a person who loves style and publicity. Its exterior appearance as do the materials that are used to make up the entire set of boots are very attractive as you are about to see shortly.

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​Main Features Of Dr Martens Work Boots Reviews

A lot of features we found for you in this comfortable work boots.

100% Leather

The upper portion of the pair of boots is made entirely of leather materials. Because of this, you should count on the pair not to deteriorate faster or predispose you to unnecessary repairs and maintenance needs. That is because leather is well known to be very strong and resilient.

Over and above this, the pair of boots guarantee you all the peace of mind you require to enjoy its awesome benefits. You will not really have to worry about being inconvenienced by reason of the fabric tearing apart.

Synthetic Sole

Its sole is synthetic in nature. The choice of synthetic materials means reduced acquisition expenses on your part. That is because the materials are generally cheaper than their natural counterparts. Even though they are synthetic, they are still as strong and reliable as their natural alternatives.

That is because utmost care has been taken to see to it that they are stronger and more reliable. You hence get to use the pair for long without necessarily having to repair or replace the shoes.

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Mesh-padded Collar

At the collar area of the pair is a mesh padding. This material and by extension the entire construction is highly breathable. That is because it contains numerous perforations that let in and out the air. In the process, your feet are left dry and less inclined to develop athlete’s feet.

What’s more?

The materials are highly water-resistant. They also come in the form of the full-grain type. You have the pleasure of long-term reliability as you will not have to worry so much about their ability to serve you better.

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Removable Smartmask Insole

In the inside of the pair of shoes is the removable Smartmask Insole. The primary aim of this material lining is to absorb shocks and impacts. At the same time, it also reduces frictions, vibrations, and intense impacts while walking in the shoes.

During the harsh winter months, this lining can also provide you added warmth to make your use of the shoes a fruitful venture on the whole. That is because it traps some heat in the inside of the shoes and prevents the same from escaping out.


Generally speaking, the entire set of boots is designed to prevent slipping off. No matter how slippery your ground is, you may be certain not to trip or fall. Other than preventing slipping, the boots also provide some additional stability courtesy of the wide soles.

For these reasons, it is possible to walk atop the alkali, petrol, fat, oil and slippery surfaces without any worries. Why would you even contemplate compromising your safety while handling demanding chores?

Excellent Aesthetics

As stated above, this pair of boots is very great to behold. The materials that are used together with the decorations that are contained in its exterior contribute to this. If you are a lover of style and aesthetics, this is the pair to look up to.

It also follows that your use of this pair is a sure way of bringing in more returns on your investments. That is because you gain so much more than you actually pay for.

Awesome Styling

Apart from possessing excellent aesthetics, this pair of boots also features some awesome styling. Its shape, construction, and general looks are such that they are appealing to the eye of anyone who beholds them.

Its styling is lightly-milled overlaying a black full-grain leather complete with the classic Dr. stitching around and about the base. These go a long way to make your visual appreciation of the entire pair of boots quite appealing. You have them for your photography and social functions.

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Grizzly Leather

Finally, the color of this Dr Martens is also superb. The leather which adorns its upper part is grizzly in appearance. The grayish appearance blends well with the surrounding areas and other items in the vicinity due to its neutral nature.

What’s more?

The leather is not processed and therefore contains all the standard features which a typical, material of that kind is expected to. It hence lasts longer not to mention preserving its state for a prolonged duration without getting obsolete.

​3 Alternatives of Dr Martens Work Boots Reviews

1. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot

​100% Leather with synthetic sole.

2. Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge NS Work Boot

Comfortable with synthetic sole.

3. Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Steel IM Boot

100% leather with felt sole.

​Final Words About Dr Martens Work Shoes

In case you are a college student or a young star who wishes to enjoy some convenience, you could try your luck on this pair. Its ability to switch from one functionality to another is perhaps is the strongest point. By opting for this pair, you also get to receive more than you pay for.

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I think you’ll be get your answer by reading this Dr Martens work boots reviews.


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