Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs ER20xs Review

I am passionate about matters of music. However, in the course of listening to music, I have encountered some deafening ear problems. That is because most of the earplugs I have used have not been good at regulating the sound outputs.

How I wish I encountered this ear plug earlier. I would never have had to spend too much to restore my ears to their original proper working conditions. To help you stay away from the same pitfall, I have seen it necessary to draft this Etymotic er20xs review.

Here you can check the today’s latest price along with customer reviews that gives you to take the final decision to buy Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS

Presenting The High-Fidelity Earplugs

Over and above merely relaying the audio outputs to you, this earplug is also designed with the health of your ears in mind. That is because it is deliberately structured to prevent the issue of noise-induced hearing loss. While at it, the earplug does not compromise the audio output at all.

Instead, it preserves the high sound quality output while also maintaining its overall clarity. If you are the kind of a person who loves music and audio output like me, this indeed is the earplug to look up to. You will receive the higher sound levels but without the associated risks of deafening or damage to your eardrums.


  • Does not compromise the quality of sound output
  • Reduces the likelihood of deafening or damages to your eardrums
  • Strong enough to allow for repeated and long-term use
  • Slim and compact for use in the most congested of locations
  • Less affected by the ambient noise like most other plugs


  • May not fit all sizes of ears
  • Unsuitable for use in sensitive ears
  • Continued and prolonged use is definitely bad for your health

Main Features & Benefits

Take  a look abut the main features and benefits of the Etymotic ER20xs Earplugs.

Etymotic Designs

Standing tall among its most adorable features is the Etymotic hearing protectiondesign. Thanks to this design, the earplug is generally capable of protecting your hearing. It also enhances your overall listening experience of the many music tracks you might want to listen to. This is not to mention that it also improves your hearing.

Advanced Technology

All factors considered, only advanced technology is used to make up all the components of the earplug. The technology basically works by lowering the sound levels uniformly by about 20 decibels. This it does without compromising the clarity and integrity of the message conveyed. The likelihood of achieving ambiguous outcomes is hence highly negated.

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Discreet and Stem-less Design

You will find this earplug to fit well in your ears. That is because of the discreet and revolutionary stemless design. Apart from being comfortable when you put it on, the earplug also allows for use alongside the hats, helmets, and other headgears. This brings along the benefit of maximum convenience of use.

Standard Foam Earplugs

Fixed at the tips of each plug are some standard foams. They do the work of reducing the sounds at mid and high frequencies. This goes a long way in reducing the possibilities of producing muffled or unnatural sounds. The pleasure of uncompromised audio output is, therefore, yours to leverage.

Excellent Audio Output

The sum total of all the elegant parts and components of this earplug is some excellent audio output. Its audio output is on the whole very clear, quiet, and rich in quality. It hence follows that your use of this Etymotic musician’s earplugs yields you some optimal listening experiences indeed.


One astounding aspect of this earplug is the fact that it is reusable. This is to mean that you may use it over and over again without necessarily impacting its parts and functionality adversely. You should, however, replace the foam at the tips. Also, repeated and prolonged use wears out its elasticity.

Highly Replicative

In the course of discharging the relevant sound outputs, this earplugs aims to replicate the natural sounds as much as possible. The pitch, the tune, and other vital parameters stay the same with this earplug. Its only major difference is the fact that its sound output stays quieter than before.

Unparalleled Sound Clarity

Compared to the other earplugs, this one delivers unparalleled sound clarity. Its sound output is not muffled as is the case with the other kinds of earplugs. You will subsequently find this earplug well suited for a number of sound-related applications. These range from aviation, concerts and night clubs.

Comfortable to Wear

Many earplugs fail the test of comfort. This is not the case with this particular earplug. On the contrary, it is indeed safe and gentle on your ears. It does not protrude or incise your ears as others do. Further, it also conforms as nearly as possible to the contours of your ears for limited hassles.

Seamless Fits

Regardless of the unique size of your ears, you will certainly find this earplug relevant to you. That is because it is so structured as to conform to ears of varied shapes and kinds courtesy of the Etymotic er20xs universal fit. If your search for the right earplug has some profit or commercial element, this indeed is a nice one to contemplate acquiring.


Due to the tough and durable materials making up the earplug, expect it to last longer than most others of its kinds. By virtue of this durable construction, the earplug shall also be resistant to all the common sources of wear and tear. This translates to reduced costs of repairs and maintenance.

Final Words About Etymotic er20xs Review

If you truly care for your auditory faculty, which I bet you do, this is a hearing appliance you just cannot wish away. Reversing deafness may not always be that easy. It is only fair to take the earliest opportunities available to prevent the issue from arising.

Now that you have received all the insight of this best earplug for musicians 2020, what else are you waiting for? Drag not your feet while at this. Get started by clicking here. We look forward to fulfilling your order within the shortest time possible.


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