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Foil vs​ Rotary Shaver | Which Electric Shaver Should You Buy

To get rid of the beards, mustache, and sideburns, it is necessary to acquire the right co-operand tool for the job. This is especially necessary so as to minimize the wastage of time and guarantee awesome and timely outcomes. No other gadget makes this task achievable conveniently better than the shavers. These are simply gadgets that are specially designed and constructed with the aim of trimming these hairs.

They are mainly three in number i.e. the electric, rotary, and the foil shavers, respectively. Here our experts are describing the difference between ​foil vs rotary shaver for men.

​What is a Foil Shaver?

Foil shavers are some kinds of hair shavers that have oscillating blades. These blades are also known as cutters and are mainly optimized for ridding the skin of longer strands of hair. Their blades are thin and are holed to bring about mesh patterns. These patterns adorn the cutters in such a manner as to enhance their shaving capability.

The shaver rids the skin of hair by using the hole to capture the hair, cut the hair as close to the skin as possible, and thereby leave behind closer shave outcomes. They are therefore much better at ridding the skin of hair than the other kinds of shavers.

Why People Use This Foil Shaver And Its Benefits?

Generates Smoother Outcomes

Compared to its rotary counterpart, the foil shaver generates smoother outcomes. This is the one to look up to if you want some bald outcomes that are completely devoid of any strands of hair left. This stems mainly from the sharp, small, yet accurate blades that make up the cutting mechanism of the blades.

Everyday Use and Applications

No other shaver is as great and handy for everyday use and applications as the foil shavers. They are strong, have the ability to endure intense abuse, and hardly sustains breakdowns. You have the benefit of maximum convenience to leverage by placing your bet on this kind of shaver.

Handle Extremely Fine Hair

Given their sharp and prompt blades, the foil shavers are great for handling extremely fine hair. You, therefore, have no better friend than them when you have such kinds of hairs in mind. They will most likely leave behind greater outcomes and good-looking impacts. This is not to mention their ability to handle sensitive skin well.

Bring about high Precision

Some kinds of shavings require very precise outcomes. This is due to the fact that they are mainly intended to serve aesthetic values. Examples of these include beard trimming and sideburns, among others. Yet again, no other kind of shaver is as reliable in tackling these chores as is the foil shaver.

Generate Close Shaves

Just like high precision, some kinds of shaving also require the machines to be as close to the skin as possible. Of the two main kinds of shavers, it is the foil shaver that has the ability to achieve this particular feat. It is hence your better bet when it comes to such kind of need.

Shave in a Straight Line

Shaving in a straight line calls for a machine that is stable, steady, and reliable. This is necessary given that it most instances, the hands of the barbers often shake and fidget as to sway the shaver as far wide from the straight line as possible. Only the foil shaver can guarantee this stability.

More Durable

The design, nature, and construction of the foil shavers are so strong and durable. This makes the foil shavers quite capable of enduring the most intense abuse possible. In light of this, the foil shavers endure the test of time and also call for limited repairs and maintenance.

Reliable in the Long Run

Lastly, the foil shavers are very reliable in the long run. This is brought about by several factors. They are stronger, hardly break down, and are also more efficient. You have no choice but to settle on them for your repeated shaving undertakings.

​What is a Rotary Shaver

As the name suggests, the rotary shaver comprises rotating blades. These blades are sharper and stronger than their foil counterparts. As such, they are great for coarse strands of hair and are also good for handling thick heads and contours. These shavers also use more electrical power to operate than the foil shavers.

To cut the strands of hair, the rotary blades trap the hair, move them out about in a circular motion, and thereafter cut them altogether. They also reach the skin as nearly as possible to bring about better outcomes. These shavers are potentially painful than their foil counterpart.

Why People Use This Rotary Shaver And Its Benefits?

Great for Tough Skin

By their nature and design, the rotary shavers are indeed great for the tough skin. By reason of this, the shaver is suitable for those who are older or those who have stayed for quite some time before shaving. It inflicts less pain and generally achieves greater success and outcomes.

Handles Difficult Hair

Other than tough skin, these shavers handle difficult hair with ease. These include the coarse, thick, and medium beard density, to mention but a few. The reason underlying this is the fact that its blades are sharper and tougher in nature.

Suitable for Occasional Shavings

If you are that kind of a person who hardly shaves, you have the rotary shaver for your taking. The shavers are weaker and unsuitable for everyday use. They also cost less, a fact that makes them great for such circumstances.

Tackle Longer Hair

It also tackles longer strands of hair more reliably than the foil shavers. This stems mainly from its comfortable, and reliable nature while handling such hair strands. Their blades and faster shaving speeds are the two that make this dream a reality.

To Navigate Contours

Do you have contours on your head? The rotary shaver is the companions for your job. This is because they are smaller, more agile and more maneuverable than their foil counterpart. They are thus well able to handle and navigate contours with ease.

Handle Multi-directional Beards

If yours are beards that grow in several directions at a time, you also have to get hold of the rotary shaver. This statement holds very true especially if this happens at the neck region. The shavers are maneuverable enough to tackle the hair with utmost efficiency.

Perform Impromptu Shaving Tasks

No other shaver is as great for impromptu shavings as is the rotary shaver. This is due to its simplicity of deployment coupled with its compact size and ease of use. If you shave on a daily basis, you, by all means, have to acquire and incorporate it into your shaving armory.

Differences Between Foil VS Rotary Shaver

Even though both foil and rotary shavers are powered by electricity and are used much the same way, they do exhibit some fundamental differences. The following are the major points of departure between these two kinds of shavers:


Their blades differ. The rotary shavers have rotational blades. These have the ability to move back and forth at an angle of around 360°. For this reason, they are pretty thorough at handling those hairs that are too coarse, highly textured, and ordinarily difficult to handle.

The foil shavers, on the other hand, have oscillating blades. These swing at an angle not exceeding 180°. They are not so tough and may not do a great job in handling tough hair. They are however reliable in those strands that are thinner and finer in nature.


As hinted, these two shavers are geared towards different kinds of hair strands. The rotary, being strong and powerful, handle the coarse, thick, and rough hair with utmost efficiency. This makes the shavers quite suited for such kinds of hairs.

The foil shavers, however, possess weaker blades. For this reason, they may not do a great job in tackling thick, tough, and coarse hair. They are however great for sensitive skin, long, and thin hair, respectively. They do a good job and also inflict less pain in the process.


These shavers differ in their material construction and makeup. The rotary shaver is on the whole more durable than the foil shavers. This stems from the fact that they are manufactured using stronger materials and also possess tougher joints. They are therefore well able to confront the most intense of abuses possible.

The foil shavers are generally weaker though. They are made of slightly weaker materials and are not so strongly joined at all. As such, they lack the capability of handling and enduring the most intense abuse and forces possible. This makes them unsuited for everyday use and for handling tougher kinds of hairs.

Power Consumption

Given the fact that they are designed to tackle the most intense of tasks, the rotary shavers consume plenty of electrical power and energy. By using them too often, you get to experience higher utility bills. You should, therefore, be ready to set aside plenty of money for the sake of handling them with ease if you opt for them.

The foil shavers, by being optimized only for lighter tasks, consume fewer amounts of electrical energy. You may, therefore, use them for as long as you may want without ever worrying about breaking your bank.

Operational Mechanism

To be able to cut hair, the rotary shavers, first of all, absorb the strands using the tiny holes that dot the blade. They then rotate and in so doing, pluck the hair from the scalp. This process is painful but nevertheless leave behind some great outcomes indeed.

The foil shavers, on the other hand, capture the hair and fold them firm. They thereafter utilize the blades to cut the hair at the base of the scalp. The process is not so painful but does not result in more reliable outcomes.


All factors considered, you will experience more comfort when you cut your hair using the foil shaver as compared to the rotary shaver. This is because of the differences in their working mechanisms. The foil shavers do not inflict too much pain on the scalp and also do not pull out the strands of hair from the skin.

Their rotary shavers, on the other hand, pull hair from the skin to get rid of them. In the process, they inflict some pain. For this reason, this is a shaver you want to avoid by all means if yours is a sensitive skin.


The rotary shaver can do so much more than the foil shaver. It can generate some styles and also handle more kinds of hair. For this reason, it has comparatively more controls than the foil shaver. These are the ones that you use to regulate the speed of shaving, the kinds of styles you deem fit, and the sizes of cuts, to mention but a few!

By reason of this arrangement, you are more likely to enjoy greater convenience with the rotary shaver than the foil shaver. This is not to mention that you are also more likely to derive higher returns on investments with the rotary shaver.

Long-term Reliability

By the sheer reason that the rotary shavers are stronger and hardly sustain any damages, they are more reliable to utilize in the long run. You will find them quite convenient to engage, and also more affordable to maintain and operate.

The same may not be said of the foil shaver. Their delicate nature makes them prone to frequent breakdowns. They subsequently call for frequent repairs and maintenance which definitely push your operational budget higher.


Lastly, the shavers also differ in their actual costs. The rotary shavers are generally more expensive than the foil shavers. This is understandable because they have more parts, features, and also perform more chores than their foil counterparts.

This notwithstanding they are still the better options. This is because they bring about higher returns on investments and confer some added comfort and convenience in times of use. These fringe benefits far outweigh their higher costs, which makes them more profitable to purchase on the whole.

​Final Words About Foil Vs Rotary Shaver 

Now that you have known all you might want to know about these shavings, we believe you may now go ahead to make the right purchasing decision. It is not enough to know about this information alone. Indeed, you have to make a step of acquiring the shavers as the only way to enjoy the accompanying benefits.

Indeed, shaving is a great undertaking indeed. Its role in keeping us looking nice and clean is a fact that cannot be wished away just like that. You therefore badly have to put in place the right measures to leverage it fully. This is especially if yours is a sensitive career which demands a lot of publicity.

And because you are not the only one who may want to gain from this information, it is wise to share it as far wide as you possibly can. This is to aid others in your shoe to similarly arrive at the best conclusions and purchasing decisions.


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