Gillette Styler Vs Philips Oneblade | Which One Is For You?

To style your hair, you have the options of the Gillette Styler or the Phillips OneBlade. Even though these two items are designed and intended for more or less similar outcomes, they do contain some inherent differences. We have devoted our last article to juxtaposing these two wonder haircare products:

​Complete Look About Gillette Styler Vs Philips Oneblade

Trimming Outcomes

These two stylers differ in the quality of their outcomes. The Gillette styler delivers some consistent trimming outcomes, as has already been noted above. That is because of the uniformity of their blades and power outputs.

The OneBlade, on the other hand, yields some inconsistent outcomes. It can, however, trim downwards, edge upwards or shave off hairs of any length. While it may not be great at styling, it is highly versatile to tackle numerous kinds of shaving-related jobs.

Nature of Shaves

Generally speaking, the Gillette styler has some extremely powerful blades. These deliver some comfortable and close shaves on the while. It is as such great for use on your beards as it brings about truly great outcomes.

With the OneBlade, it is possible for you to shave either wet or dry. Further to this, the blade also lets you shave with or without water or foam. While it might not deliver truly close shaves, it is usable under varying circumstances of applications and use.


This refers to the ease or lack of it with which the blades of the shavers might be engaged. The Gillette shaver is highly maneuverable. It does have an agile and extremely powerful trimmer which is designed to glide smoothly on your skin.

The OneBlade, on the other hand, contains a rechargeable and replaceable blade. It is not as maneuverable as the Gillette. This notwithstanding, it is usable over a longer duration of time. This means you can and will indeed handle your trimming with the utmost peace of mind.

philips one blades

Blade Quality

The qualities of their blades differ. The one for the Gillette is highly precise in that it can develop patterns and styles with utmost accuracy. As a matter of fact, its blades can create some crisp, truly-defined and great finishes.

As for the blades of the OneBlade, they are not so precise. However, they are long lasting and may yield the desired ends for around 8 months. You have them for your consideration if your primary occupation is longer service duration.


Lastly, these two stylers have different numbers of combs. The Gillette has some three exchangeable combs. Together, they yield some consistent length as well as contour adaptability. With regards to this, they do discharge some outcomes that are impactful.

The OneBlade, on the other hand, has some three stubble combs. These one work hand in hand to deliver some unified outcomes. Being three they deliver the required ends within the shortest realistic times possible.

​Final Words About Gillette Styler Vs Philips Oneblade

All factors considered, the Gillette styler stands out of the pack. It leads in almost all the key yardsticks and is hence more likely to yield you better outcomes. If I were you, I would give it a topmost priority while searching for the right gadget to make use of. You are at liberty though to determine which is the two mostly suits your needs.

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