Hair Trimmer Buying Guide | 6 Things To Consider

Hair trimmers are available in various kinds, types, and shapes. They are also optimized for different tasks and purposes. This means you have to exercise great due diligence while looking for the most appropriate one for your use. The failure to do so may often result in an irrelevant trimmer which may not do you any good. This may also result in some fair degree of inconvenience on your part. That’s why we make this hair trimmer buying guide for you.

You may only be able to achieve this feat by putting into consideration some great factors. We have delineated these and are going to explain them in the proceeding segment of our discussions. The trimmer you choose may be the Rotary or The Foil.

​6 Things To Consider Before Buying a Hair Trimmer

1. Reliability

By far the most significant consideration is the reliability of the hair trimmer. This simply means that the trimmer has to be trustworthy and able to operate consistently. For this reliability to be guaranteed, the trimmer of choice must possess some awesome traits and features. The following are the top traits of those kinds:


The trimmer has to be very durable. It has to be pretty effective at withstanding abuse and other agents of deterioration. These include excessive friction, breakages, corrosion, bending and twitching. This can only happen if the trimmer is made of tough materials that are very reliable. The stainless steel could be the best.


Needless to say, the trimmer has to be easy to use. You do not want to expend too much of your time and effort to engage the various parameters of the trimmer. You should, therefore, strike a balance between the controls features of the trimmer and your level of expertise.

Higher Returns on Investments

You have to find a trimmer that has the ability to perform as many haircare related chores as possible. You do not want to acquire numerous hair care products at a time and waste too much of your money, do you? Take your time to skim the features of the various hair trimmers on offer.


A good hair trimmer has to be backed by generous warranty. This is to spare you from unnecessary worries and fears as you utilize it. You want one that has preferably lifetime warranty to guarantee you long-term reliability. The same case should also apply to the back-end support and money-back guarantee.

2. Quality

You definitely have to ensure that the trimmer you eventually settle on is of high quality. You do not want to gamble on this one. Indeed, it is only a high-quality trimmer that will guarantee you long-term reliability and enhance your overall experience. Pay keen attention to the following parameters while gauging this:


It is necessary that your trimmer of choice be as accurate as can be. This is to guarantee the overall quality of the trimming task at any given time. You do not want to bring about some ugly outcomes, do you? For this accuracy to be guaranteed, the trimmer has to possess precise controls which are easier to engage.

Highly Responsive

The trimmer should also respond as promptly to the various commands and operational impulses as possible. This arrangement is necessary to ensure that the trimmer responds swiftly to these commands and also brings along the desired outcomes without much struggle. You have to pay too much emphasis on this especially if your trimmer is to serve commercial purposes.


A good trimmer should be able to discharge as many purposes as possible. These include cutting down longer hair, generating patterns and decorations, on the hair, among others.

This multipurpose nature is what is chiefly responsible for the higher returns on investments. It also ensures maximum comfort on your part. For some other broader use, you can select the electric hair clippers and shavers for you.


It goes without saying that the right trimmer ought to be safe. This is to spare your hands from the associated risks of electrocution, cutting off your hands, and even scalding your bald head. The trait of safety can only be guaranteed if the trimmer is packed with tons of safety features.


Lastly, the trimmer has to be strong and sturdy. Indeed, a strong trimmer is necessary as it withstands the various agents of abuse and deterioration well. You have to pay attention to the material composition of the trimmer as this is the key determinant of its strength. Stainless steel and Aluminum are two major materials of this kind.

3. The Motor

After the blades, it is the motor that is the second-most significant part of a trimmer. The motor primarily generates the rotational force which moves the blades appropriately. It is necessary for the motor also be reliable. The following parameters are the ones that gauge the reliability of the motor:

High Power Output

A good motor has to be able to exude higher power output. This is to guarantee that it can and shall indeed handle the toughest kinds of hairs. The output is designated in Watts. The higher wattage rating signifies a higher power output and vice versa. Be sure to acquire one with the highest rating possible.

Low Power Consumption

Other than exuding the highest power output, the ideal motor should also consume the least amounts of electrical energy. This is to keep your utility bills to the absolute minimum levels at any given. It is also necessary for the motor to consume less power so as to grant you the peace of mind you require to enjoy the benefits of the trimmer.


To prevent you from interfering with those around you, the motor of your trimmer has to be very silent. It should emit the least amounts of noise possible. While shopping for the best trimmer, you have to test the motors to determine their noise levels. Alternatively, check the decibel ratings of the various motors in stock.

Variable Rotational Speed

It is also preferable that the motors possess variable rotational speed capacity. This is also to let it handle the various kinds of hairs with ease. A faster rotational speed will generally handle weaker and thinner strands with ease. The slower rotational speed, on the other hand, is great for stronger strands.

Less Expertise

Engaging your motor ought not to be too much of a hassle. You indeed should expend the least amount of force and degree of expertise while doing so. You should, therefore, find the motor that is as simplistic in scope and design as possible. You should also factor your experience and expertise as you figure this out.

4. Blades

You have to pay particular attention to the blades. This is because it is the blades that form the core of the trimmers. They are the ones that actually perform the act of shortening the hair. For a blade to be deemed as good, it has to satisfy the following preconditions:


It has to be very sharp. This is to see to it that it takes the shortest duration of time to accomplish the relevant role. The sharpness also means that the blade is devoid of any rust, corrosion or other contaminants that may cause diseases. This further guarantees some safety on your part.


For you to be able to make good use of the hair trimmer indefinitely, it has to possess removable blades. This is to allow you to attach newer and better blades as soon as the ones in use expire. This arrangement also guarantees that you spend less on acquiring newer trimmers every now and then.


The materials that constitute the blade also have to be anti-corrosive. This is to safeguard you from unnecessary contaminants and diseases such as germs and tetanus. Ideally, the blade has to be made of stainless steel, aluminum or any other rust-free substance. It should also be simpler to clean.


It is also necessary that the blade be sturdy. This is to maintain the same level of consistency under all circumstances of use. The sturdiness is also necessary due to the possibilities of handling all kinds of hair. The ones that are thick and bulky require tremendous force to work through.

Variable Rotational Speed

Generally speaking, a good blade has to be able to operate under variable speeds. This is to allow you to tackle the various kinds of hair conveniently. You do not want to apply too much force on thin strands or too weak force on thicker strands. Check this out before making an acquisition.

5. Robustness

Generally speaking, the right hair trimmer has to be strong, comfortable, and convenient to utilize. These traits may only be guaranteed if the trimmer possesses some awesome and closely-related traits. The traits in question are those that are geared towards enhancing its performance. The following are the major traits that make robustness a reality:

Ergonomic Handles

It is necessary that the trimmer possesses ergonomic handles. This is to guarantee your hands maximum comfort at all times during use. For the handles to be deemed ergonomic, they have to be comfortable and must conform to your hands as nearly as possible. This is not to mention that they ought to be easy to engage.

Seamless Compatibility

The shape, the structure, and the design of the trimmer have to be as nearly relevant to your hands and other faculties as possible. This is necessary to prevent fatigue and also ward off blisters from arising. You should, therefore, find one that nearly fits the size of your hands.

Adjustable Parameters

If you are looking for a trimmer for commercial use, you want one that has adjustable parameters. This adjust-ability is to make it possible for the trimmer to be compatible with many sizes and shapes of hair. It also guarantees you some comfort as it extends and shortens the trimmer to fit the various kinds of hands.

Excellent Dimensions

Given that you will often store the trimmer for too long, it has to possess excellent dimensions. A good trimmer has to be as small as possible to expedite the storage process. It should ideally be collapsible to make it possible for you to diminish the size and expedite the storage process.


Generally speaking, a good trimmer should be as light in weight as possible. This is to free you from unnecessary hassles that you may often have to confront while using the trimmer. The consideration is especially useful if you are on the lookout for a good trimmer for commercial applications.

6. Wet vs. Dry Trimming

You may trim your hair in two main ways. These are the dry and the wet methods, respectively. The wet method entails soaking your hair in water, leaving it to soften, and then trimming it. The method is mainly great for those hairs that are extremely thick and coarse.

The dry trimming, on the other hand, is straightforward. You just power the trimmer pass it through your dry hair. It takes shorter and consumes fewer resources. However, this method may not be too great as it is not as thorough as the wet counterpart. This is because it does leave out some considerable amounts of hair on the skin.

Some of the factors to look up to with regards to this are:

Electric Shock Protection

For the wet trimming, it is necessary that the electrical components are completely insulated. This is to prevent direct exposure to the water and the skin. This arrangement further protects your hands and skin from the risks of electrocution and shocks. For dry trimming, it is only necessary that the trimmer is appropriately wired for the job.

Material Construction

Not every material can resist and handle water well. This is why you have to pay particular attention to the kind of material that is used to make up the trimmer, more so the blades. The best materials to use are the stainless steel and Aluminum as they are the ones that resist corrosion well. Any other material would do for the dry trimming though.

Nature of the Blades

The manner in which the blades are shaped and arranged also determine to a great extent the kind of performance the trimmer might have later. It is necessary that you look for a trimmer that has sharp blades and arranged neatly in place. This way, it will be possible for you to generate the most awesome feedback’s possible.

​Hair Clipper Brand

A lot of hair clippers and trimmers brand are available in the market. Here are some clippers brand for you:

1. Wahl

2. Oster

3. Remington

4. Philips

5. Panasonic

6. Conair

7. Braun, etc.

You can here the difference between Wahl Magic Clipper with the Wahl Senior 8500 hair clipper.

Final Words about Hair Trimmer Buying Guide

Indeed, you now have what it takes to make the best purchasing decision of a good trimmer. The information we have furnished above are relevant and helpful for your cause. You, therefore, have to adhere to them as nearly as possible for the best ever outcomes out there.

You do not want to gain from the information on your own. You definitely want as many others to enjoy the benefits we have outlined above as much as possible. This is why we now urge you to go ahead and share this information with as many of your colleagues as possible.

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