How To Use Hair Dryer With The Good Steps

Knowing how to use the hair dryer is just as important as getting the right one. How else can you possibly make the most of these appliances save for understanding how to engage them? With regards to this, we are going to take you through a step-by-step outline of the entire process.

Tools and Materials Required

  • ​Argan or coconut oil
  • ​Mild soap
  • ​Warm water
  • ​Clean towel
  • ​Detangling hairbrush or wide-toothed comb
  • ​Radial brush (optional)

Step By Step Procedures For Using Hair Dryer

​It is urgent to check the step wise guidelines.

Step I: Wash And Dry Your Hair

Start off by washing and drying your hair. This is to eliminate any kinds of dirt which might impede the proper functioning of the appliances altogether. Use some mild soap and preferably warm water to achieve this feat. Thereafter, use a clean piece of towel to dry all the moisture from your hair completely.

Step II: Smoothen Your Hair

After your hair is completely dry, you have to smoothen it. To do this, apply some Argan or coconut oil on them. Be certain to avoid the scalp region since this might compromise the final looks of your hair. Let the oils sink in for some time to allow for maximum impacts.

Step III: Brush The Hair

Now move on to carefully brush your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb or detangling hair brush to do this. While at it, act gently with your scalp while brushing your hair to prevent inflicting any damages to its ends. You are advised to straighten the hair out completely to allow for easier handling later.

Step IV: Part Your Hair Off

Proceed now to part your hair off into a number of sections. This is particularly necessary if yours is some thick hair. The procedure allows the heat to percolate in seamlessly and in so doing, reduce the drying time considerably. For this reason, the exposure of your hair to the heating elements will be similarly reduced.

Step V: Commence The Drying Process

You have now got to the core of the drying process. Kick-start this procedure by creating some horizontal parting that runs along the back of your hair. Thereafter, fasten the top section of your hair. Then, go ahead to dry the bottom layers of your hair going upwards. This will allow for maximum impacts.

Step VI: Apply The Heat Protection

As you go on with drying your hair, do apply some heat protection. You do not want your hair to be desiccated in the course of handling it, do you? Use the heat protection spray to accomplish this wonderful step. Focus the spray nozzle appropriate and in the desired direction for localized impacts.

Step VII: Style Your Hair

Though optional, you are strongly advised to also style your hair. This is the stage to do so. You are advised to make use of the radial brush to accomplish this role. Remember, the bigger the brush, the more likely you shall obtain unconstrained outcomes. The bigger brushes also bring in some great hair movements in the course of use.

Step VIII: ‘Finish’ The Hair

At this stage, you want to lay some final touches on your hair. This simply entails ridding your hair of any frizz or straightening some inconsistent patterns. The nozzle of the dryer will enable you to do this. You simply have to alter its direction to line up with that of the brush. Also, be mindful of the heat supply as this too will determine the quality of the final outcomes.

Step IX: Seal The Hair

Once you have completed styling, seal the hair by use of the cool setting in order to be assured some super smooth appearances. Run the nozzle consistently on your hair to let it spread the cold evenly as possible. Yet again look out for any frizz that may still be left out at this stage.

Just in case you could be after volume, you may want to make use of the rollers. Use them to lift and curl the hair. Do pay some attention to the top layers especially of yours are thick hair. Do separate the individual segments and work from the roots going up.

Step X: Polish The Hair

In this final step, you have to polish the hair. This is to give it one last awesome appearance and look. Get rid of the rollers or sprays and shake your hair gently. Be wary of the likelihood of running your fingers through the curls to avoid making it appear frizzy.

Final Remarks About How To Use Hair Dryer

You may have already noted that the procedures above require some degree of special attention. You are hence advised not to rush at all while implementing them. Do take your time and patience if you ever hope for the best of the best outcomes. When are you giving this procedure the first try? Let us know about your experience later!

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