How To Weld Metal For Beginners | Tips And Tricks

If you have never welded before, you are advised to go slow on the issue. That is because welding is a potentially hazardous activity which can inflict some permanent harms on you. To be able to guarantee your safety and do a good job, you have to read on these instructions to the tail end to know how to weld metal for beginners.

First and foremost, you have to gather all the tools of trade needed to do a good job. These are the protective gears as well as the tools which form the core of the activity.

Tools and Materials Required

• Welding helmet

• Welding gun

• Aprons

• Gloves

• Overalls

• Gas mask

Step-by-Step Procedures for Welding

Step I: Put on the Protective Gears

In this first step, you are to put on the various protective gears. These are the welding helmets on your head, the pair of gloves on your hands, the gas mask on your nose, and an overall on your entire body. These are to shield your body from the sparks which arise while welding.

While at it, you also want to prepare your welding workshop. Be sure that the room is properly ventilated for the sake of allowing a smooth flow of air into and out of the premise. Also, free your premise from any common dangers like electric wires and open sockets.

Step II: Set the Welding Machine to DC positive

Start off by setting the welding machine to DC positive. The logic behind this is simple. Your mains electricity comes in the form of the alternating current. You require direct current to supply the stream of heat needed to do a good job.

To do so, simply inquiry from your manufacturer’s manual the best way forward. Follow the instructions diligently to avoid any mishaps from arising. Also, ascertain the temperature requirement of the kind of metal you have in mind. This is to see to it that you obtain the best outcomes.

Let’s a video for you.

Step III: Set the amperage on your Stick Welder

You now have to set the amperage rating on the stick welding rods. This simply refers to the strength of the electric current which is discharged by your welding stick. It determines the amount of heat generated and by extension the quality of the outcomes achievable.

To do this, you will yet again have to refer to the manufacturer’s manual of your stick welder. Do so yet again diligently and to the laid down standards. This step determines to a larger extent the kind of outcome you are more likely to obtain.

Step IV: Ground your welding machine to the surface you are working on

In this stage, you are to ground the welding machine onto the surface you are working on. These machines are very bulky and potentially injurious. Other than this, they are also prone to the dangers of electrocution which may of course harm you somehow.

To prevent the machines from fidgeting and possibly injuring you, do ground them. Find a way of fastening them on the ground firmly. Test the attachment to see to it that it is reliable enough to stand any intense shakings later.

Step V: Position the metals you intend to Weld

You are now almost ready to commence welding. Before you set out, you will have to position the metal you intend to weld strategically. You definitely have to find a worktop to place the metals. It has to be large and flat enough to be able to accommodate the entire workpiece.

Just like you grounded the welding machine, you also have to fix it firmly and securely for the same reasons. You do not want the table to fidget and endanger your life in the process, do you?

Step VI: Hold your welding gun with two hands

For you to start welding, you should hold the welding gun with both hands. Set your feet shoulder-width apart for the sake of added stability. Carry out some mock welding practices before the actual commencement for the sake of psychological preparations.

Step VII: Weld the Metal

Finally, weld the metals. Place the welding machine onto the joints or parts of metals you intend to join together. Switch on the welding machine to let it discharge the electrical power output. Slowly and steadily, direct the mouth of the rod along the line or seam of joints.

If you so wish, you may also generate some patterns and decorations at this stage. Take great care not to inflict any harms on your body or legs. At the same time, be sure not to damage the adjacent pieces of furniture which may lie in the same room. Switch off the machine after you are through with the welding process.

Final Words About How to Weld Metal for Beginners

Welding is a very hazardous undertaking. You have to exercise great caution throughout the entire duration. At the same time, you also want to keep off small children and other unauthorized persons away from the premise. You definitely care for their safety and welfare. As such, you would not wish to jeopardize their lives in any shape or form, do you?

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