Kahuna LM6800 Vs SM 7300 | Which Chair is For You?

Your health is the most important aspect you can invest in. From time to time you might experience stress and other emotional displeasure that you need to relieve to get back on with life. Several people have different methods of blowing off steam. Some would go to yoga, others running, some even drink hard. Well, I would suggest you try a massage chair. They will help you relax and are good for your back and health.

I believe stopping at a suggestion is not enough that is why I am going to give you a detailed review of two of the best massage chairs you can opt for in the form of Kahuna LM6800 and Kahuna SM7300. This guide will detail to you why you should look the way of either, direct comparison and ultimately a conclusive report.

​Now let’s get straight to it.

Reasons Why People Buy Kahuna LM 6800 

​Most users prefer the LM 6800 due to its ability to reduce levels, give deep relaxations, improves quality of sleep, and general health. Some of these are the features that make this possible;

  • Space-saving design
  • Heat therapy is beneficial for users with physical pain. It soothes and regenerates painful body areas.
  • Numerous massage options and body stretch that helps in lower back pain. It can stretch to ease pressure from the spine.
  • Zero gravity technique on the chair allows users a deep tissue massage.
  • The chair gives you an automatic or manual full body scan which helps locate the problematic body parts and apply the needed action.

Reasons Why People buy Kahuna SM 7300 chair

These are some of the reasons why buyers would prefer Kahuna SM 7300 chair;

  • It employs an air-cell massage technology which is made by incorporating 35 airbags all around the chair to give you a full body massage.
  •  The manual massage program in the chair 7300 allows users to select a particular massage objective depending on their emotions and moods. This is great when looking for physical recovery by massage therapy.
  • You also have the option of selecting the pre-setting designs of automatic massage programs made by professional medical practitioners and masseuse.
  • The prospects of healing using this chair are enhanced by the zero-gravity technique used within the chair to enhance balance body posture.

The Differences Between ​​Kahuna lm6800 vs sm 7300 

That these two massage chairs are great for your health is given, but by the end of the day, you will most likely go home with one. You can only use one chair at a time. They have a lot of similarities which makes it hard to settle on one. They both come with Hybrid S/SL-track design, body stretch function, extendable ottoman, air massage program, and zone massage options.

These are some of the differences that you will note in the LM6800 chair review and SM7300 chair review;

  • The number of massage back rollers. While the LM6800 comes with 4 rollers, the SM7300 comes with 6. These rollers are important in improving massage quality and experience.
  • When it comes to the heating system, the LM6800 provides for heating on the lower back and the legs, while SM7300 has no heating for any body parts.
  • Even though both have 32 airbags on the systems, the LM6800 lacks them on the waist and thighs.
  •  For the chair functions, LM6800 has 4 auto programs while SM7300 has 5. The massage cycle in LM6800 is 15 minutes and up to 30 minutes in the SM7300.
  • The special features vary a little in both, while the LM6800 uses intelligent compute body scan, the SM7300 uses Accupoint detection system for a full-body scan.
  • These chairs have some distinct specifications;
  •  LM6800 weighs 200lbs while SM7300 weighs 247lbs. Upright dimensions (L x W x H) for LM6800 AND SM7300 are, 60x30x35 and 51x29x49 respectively. LM6800 consumes 230W while SM7300 consumes 200W. LM6800 comes with a 3-year limited warranty while SM7300 comes with a 2-year unlimited warranty.

Choosing The Best Massage Chair

​These are some of the tips you can use to help you select the best massage chair;

  1. You need a massage chair for either relieving pain or relaxing. It is therefore important when comparing LM6800 vs SM7300 you identify your needs beforehand. This is where the massage cycle comes into play.
  2. Having a budget will help you shop around faster and settle for what you can afford easily.
  3. Your home space also determines the type of massage chair you get. Having wide spaces at home allows you to have bigger chairs. In the case of LM6800 vs SM7300, you are better off with the kahuna massage chair SM7300.
  4. Research a lot before settling on the chair you choose. You can search the internet for user reviews and recommendations for the best massage chairs.
  5. Take your time to compare and contrast all the main features of each chair. Make sure you take into considerations the company profiles, height range, zero gravity, body scanning and length of massage features.
  6. Make sure you get a good warranty for the chair you choose. The difference in warranties comes in the number of years as well as either limited or unlimited. Having a warranty will help you avoid incurring unnecessary costs in case of breakage.

​Final Thought

Massage chairs are one of the important home furniture you can wish for at the moment. They come with a lot of benefits on relaxation and pain-relieving. Even though most tend to be expensive, there are a few that are affordable yet still packs the high-end features of the others. The notable ones are the LM-6800 and SM-7300. They have a lot of similar features and specifications that make it quite hard to settle on one. They also have features that different and you need to take your time to study each. By the end of the day what you settle on will depend on your personal choice and preferences.

Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guideline when setting up, installing and using the chair. This is the only to ensure that the chair lasts for long and you can apply the warranty in case of need.

This is all about 2 brilliant massage chair- ​Kahuna lm6800 vs sm 7300.


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