Panasonic ER 1411 S Hair Clipper Review Of 2020

Handsome is what handsome does. For keeping our face neat and clean we take a regular shave. And for the smart look, we have to trim our long hair and we have to go sometimes to the professional barbers for the better outlook.

The Panasonic offers a new hair clipper for you and this is the model ER 1411 s. For more about it read the full Panasonic ER 1411 review.

Things To Consider Before Buying Panasonic ER 1411 Clipper

The following things you need to know before buying the model ER 1411 and the full reviews.

The Brand and the Panasonic is all set-

  • The new technology
  • Cord/Cordless Options
  • Charging Stand
  • Charging Time and total cordless operating time
  • Clipper Blades
  • Battery

Why People Buy This Hair Clipper?

The trimmer brand Panasonic produces a lot of hair clippers and trimmers for its consumers and the feedback is very good. Basically, this brand clipper gives you the right hair-cutting and smart appearance.

Another effective cause is that the weightless design and the battery performance of 1-hour and 20-minutes of cordless use.

What Comes Into The Box?

The box that you receive has the following accessories-

  • The Panasonic ER 1411 hair clipper itself
  • 3 Combs
  • 1 Power Cable
  • Oil
  • Brush
  • Guide Manual

Specifications of the Cordless Hair Clipper

This professional and cordless hair clipper has the following specifications.

Specification Name
Product: Panasonic ER 1411





Model Number:  ER 1421

ER 1411

Charging Time:


Operating Time:



2 nonstandard battery requires

Product Dimension:

9.6 x 8.3 x 3.4 inches

Product Weight:

14.1 ounces

Attachment Combs:


Acceptable voltage


Most Remarkable Features of ER 1411

Though it has a lot of features, we find out some of them for you.

Portable Device

This hair clipper is very light-weight and that is only 14.1 ounces. As a result, people like it most and this is a must hair cutting tool for those who are a traveler.


The blade of this trimmer is the precision type and cutting up to 30,000 hairs per second that the normal one clipper can’t do.

Moreover, the blades are very sharp and that is 45° knife edge.

Cutting Length with the Combs

The clipper comes with 3 combs and it has 7 different lengths which are 0.5mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12 mm, 15mm, and 18mm.

Also, you can read the full reviews of ER 1512 clipper if you have a little bit time.


  • Precision cutting with 45-degree edge
  • Cordless option
  • The cutting performance of ER 1411 s up to 30,000 hairs/sec


  • 2 Standard Battery Needed

Customer Reviews

The consumer review of this ER 1411 hair clipper is as good as people want to buy. Most of them say this trimmer works well and within the price the cordless operating time is top. You can check Panasonic ER 1511 which is also a pro type cordless hair clipper.

3 Alternatives of This Clipper

1. Panasonic ER 1421 Hair Clipper

This hair clipper is a new brand and less-weight trimmer in the present market.

2. Wahl Color Pro 79300-1001

​You can get here extra accessories, cape, color guide combs and styling shears.

3. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

This hair clipper use a single speed and powerful motor with a 9-feet long cable.

Simple FAQ’s

1. Question: Is this comes with the cord?

Answer: Yes, it has.

2. Question: Has it comes with the Charger?

 Answer: Yes, you find it there.

Final Words

This Panasonic ER 1411 s is a light-weight and high-quality hair trimming device that is good in performance and long-lasting.

According to the price, this is definitely a good clipper and the customer’s ratings are good. Also, comment that this makes hair trimming easy and neat & clean.


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