4 Best Pigeon Loft Reviews | Buying Guide 2022

Nothing pleases the eyes of a pigeon lover than seeing the pigeons flying circularly in the sky. Pigeons are highly adaptable, agile, and hardy birds. Unlike petting other birds in a cage, petting pigeons require you to get them a loft.

Making a loft requires substantial time, if you are not up to it, then getting the best pigeon loft is the only option.

There are lots of different designs and sizes to make feeding, breeding, cleaning, and maintaining the supplies a lot easier for you. Depending on the number of pairs you have or plan to breed, you need to pick the right home for your pigeons. Here you check the best one loft for you- MYES Pigeon Cage, Large Outdoor Wooden Loft.

After going through many lofts, here are the 4 that take a lot of hassle from your shoulders.

Comparison Table

Product Name Size Made By Price
MYES Large Outdoor Wooden Loft 57.48″/1460MM(L) x 28.74″/730MM(W) x 53.94″/1370MM(H) Wood
MYES Pigeon Shed 90.55″/2300MM(L) x 74.02″/1880MM(W) x 74.02″/1880MM(H) Wood and galvanized wire
Freen-P T-Trap 30cm/40cm/50cm.60cm iron material
Pets Imperial Monmouth 6ft 7″ (W) x 2ft 5″ (D) x 3ft 4″ (H) Animal friendly treated timber

What is a Pigeon Loft?

A pigeon loft refers to the housing where pigeon owners keep their pigeons safely and securely. These lofts are mostly made of wooden material with a few metal connectors and wires as well. There are separate partitions of nest boxes for each pair of pigeons.

The best pigeon loft ensures that there is enough air circulation inside the loft to prevent dampness that causes bacteria and fungus to grow. In addition to that, the housing protects them from prey and predators, and it also stabilizes the temperature during days and nights.

Considerations While Buying a Pigeon Case

If making a pigeon coop isn’t your way to deal with the birds, there are ready-made lofts of different designs to make it easier for petting pigeons. Whether you are looking for a pigeon loft for sale on craigslist or want a new beginner pigeon loft or thinking about getting another one, be sure to consider these before buying.

Numbers of Partitions and Size

The first and foremost thing that you need to determine is the number of pigeons you would like to have or breed. Let’s say you start with 4 pairs of pigeons and want to breed 4 more pairs out of them; then, you need a loft with at least 8 partitions.

If you want to pet only a few of them, then consider getting a small pigeon loft. It’s always recommended to have an extra few partitions for breeding. If you want to separate the young, adult, and racing pigeons, do consider this aspect as well.

Getting a larger loft will take a considerable amount of space from your backyard. So, the available space will also influence the size of the loft.

Protection Against Predators

You need to make sure the pigeons are safe and secure inside the loft even when you are not around. The overall structure and housing should be predator-proof so that cats, dogs, foxes, and other predators cannot break into the loft and take one of the birds for lunch. Therefore, get a durable loft made of quality materials.

Ventilation and Sunlight

Pigeons don’t prefer living in a damp environment. So, there should be enough air circulation or ventilation inside the loft to keep the partitions dry enough. It will prevent bacteria and molds from growing up that can spread diseases among the birds.

Also, the loft should get enough sunlight to fill the vitamin D requirement for the birds to grow their bones and feathers well.

Ease of Access

The pigeons should be able to get into and fly out from the loft without any obstacle. Their partitions should be easily accessible both for you and them. Ease of access will make cleaning a lot easier and convenient.

Space for Accessories

Be sure to get a pigeon loft that has enough space for accessories such as perches, food trays, water troughs, feces trays, jumping cage, etc. that will make the loft management system easier.

4 Best Pigeon Loft Reviews

Whether you are a beginner or looking for an upgrade to the current loft that you have, you will get the perfect one among these 4 lofts.

1. MYES Pigeon Case– Large Outdoor Wooden Loft Household Small Pigeon Shed

This large outdoor solid wooden loft can be an ideal home for your pigeons. If you are afraid of any predators for the pigeons, then rest assured because nothing can harm your beloved birds when they are inside this loft.

To keep the birds well-organized, the loft features six partitions for convenience. There is plenty of room inside each partition that will make your birds feel comfortable to live in. You can keep young, adult, and breeding ones separately if you want. Also, the loft offers a jumping cage if you feel it’s necessary.

The loft is designed while leaving enough space for ventilation so that the entire housing stays dry even during high humid days. Your birds will get plenty of sun exposure to make their bones and feathers stronger to be able to make the younger ones fly sooner.

There are feces trays for each partition to make cleaning more easy and convenient. The impressive craftsmanship and woodworking technique of this loft easily blend into the neighborhood, pleasing the eyes. Carbonated retro color adds more to its beauty.


  • Solid wood craftsmanship
  • 6 partitions
  • Enough space for each pair
  • Cleaning tray for each partition
  • Plenty of room for sunlight to come


  • No landing board

2. MYES Pigeons Large Wooden Loft Solid Dove House, Outdoor Pigeon Cage for Household Breeding

If you are looking for a large loft for your birds, whether it’s pigeon or dove, this 24-nest box has enough space inside it to accommodate them. The loft is made of durable solid wood material and feels very stable. There are flexible belts covering each of the rust-resistant galvanized wire mesh to protect your pets from injury.

With this loft box, your birds will feel much secure and comfortable. There is an open space in front of the nests for them to move freely. To keep them safe inside the loft, the front and both sides got rust-resistant durable galvanized wires. You no longer need to worry about predators such as cats, dogs, and other wild animals.

This variant of the loft comes with 24 nest boxes. So, if you want to separate the young, adult, and breeding pigeons, it has plenty of space for you to do so. Each partition comes with a separate feces tray that you can easily extract and clean conveniently.

There is a dedicated space for installing a jump cage if you feel it’s necessary to get one.


  • Large space for 24 nests
  • Protective galvanized wires
  • Made of quality material
  • Separate wastage tray for each partition


  • No landing space if the jump cage isn’t installed

3. Freen-P 30cm T-Trap for Pigeon Birds House Door

This particular metal object is a house door that allows the pigeons to freely enter into the loft, but they cannot fly out again unless you want them to fly. You can simply install this frame at the entering point of the loft.

The door is made of durable iron material that is built to last longer. Its convenient structure makes cleaning it much easier than the feces trays. Irrespective of the accent color or craftsmanship of your loft, this best pigeon trap door will easily suit the housing.

As far as the size is concerned, it’s 26cm tall and 30cm long, which will meet the initial requirements of pigeon keeping for beginners. You have the option to go with a larger frame if you have a large loft.

Simply lift the inner frame to allow the pigeons to fly out, and bring the inner frame back down to set the trap to make sure pigeons can only enter into the loft, no one can fly out.


  • Made of iron material
  • Effortless to install and clean
  • Allows to control the entrance and exit of birds
  • Easy to lift and bring down the inner frame


  • Can bend if pressure is given to the frame

4. Pets Imperial Monmouth Large Chicken Coop 6ft 7inches with Roof

If you are concerned about the safety of your birds, this chicken coop can keep them safe and secure while providing you a few numbers of benefits to make petting a lot easier.

The coop looks pretty good compared to the conventional ones that you see. You can keep things cleaner and hassle-free. Its pull out metal tray got galvanized coating to handle weather issues. There is a floor under the tray to make sure the birds don’t get hurt when you are cleaning the tray.

Its roof openings give you access to the coop to be able to get rid of parasites, red mites and allow you to maintain proper hygiene in the coop. The housing is designed to keep the inside dry and well-ventilated. There are two ventilation slots to provide enough air circulation inside it during summer days.

You can access the bird housing in two ways; through the large front door and a smaller one. The coop is predator-proof and designed in a way that makes the best use out of smaller space and low lighting conditions.


  • Large space inside the coop
  • Easy to clean pull-out metal tray
  • Made of birds friendly timber
  • Convenient roof openings
  • Ensures air circulation


  • The overall build isn’t much durable

Pigeon Care Guide

As a pigeon keeper, you need to provide them with all their basic requirements, keep the loft friendly to them, and protect them from predators. If you can take good care of your pigeon, they can live up to 20 years.


If you know how to build a pigeon house, then before proceeding further, make sure the doors face south, so there is enough air circulation. The flying area should be away from buildings and large trees.

Keep the loft or coop dry as pigeons don’t like damp environments. Also, there should be enough sunlight to strengthen their bones and feathers.

Make sure the loft has a separate pigeon breeding cage for convenience.


You have the option to choose seed-based diets and commercial feeds. If you can maintain a proper seed-based diet, only then go for this option; otherwise, the birds will have a calcium deficiency. Commercial feeds can be an ideal diet for them.

Feed them a small portion of apples, pears, blueberries, kale; you can also feed the pigeons veggies, including spinach, carrots, broccoli, etc. Keep in mind that pigeons are nitpickers when it comes to eating veggies.


The clean drinking water should be at least one inch deep. They love to bathe a few times a week, so make bathing arrangements periodically.


If you plan to keep the pigeons outdoors, make sure the loft is high enough, or there is sufficient space for them to do exercise. As for indoor keeping, allow them to fly two hours a day outside the cage while taking necessary precautions.

5 Pigeon Health Tips

Although petting pigeons is quite simple, there are some concerns that you need to consider to keep them healthy.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

There should be enough air circulation in the loft or coop to keep them dry and disease-free. A damp and wet environment will grow bacterias and mold that can make the birds ill easily. Therefore, it’s best to build or install the loft facing south to get better airflow inside it.

Enough Sunlight

Pigeons need a lot of sun exposure to make their bones and feathers grow stronger. Sufficient sun exposure or light will help the younger ones to grow faster and maintains the reproductive system of the adult pigeons.

Clean Drinking Water

Diseases can spread out easily among the pigeons through water fountains during the summer. Be sure to clean the fountains daily and fill them with fresh cool drinking water every day.

You can add ½ oz of distilled vinegar into 1 gallon of water to kill bacteria, canker, and other carriers of disease that spread through community drinking.

Don’t Feed Alkaline

If you feed the pigeons foods that contain alkaline, it can cause spreading diseases among the community. Even a healthy pigeon carries diseases in its dropping if the diet includes alkaline based foods. Although some food items seem generally accepted, still you shouldn’t put their health in danger by giving such foods.

Re-check the Supplies

Only give the pigeons medications that are registered for pigeons. If you feed them some of your meals, make sure it contains a sufficient amount of nutritional mix, which is healthy for the birds.

Chinchilla Cages Vs Pigeon Lofts

Although it’s known as a chinchilla cage, you can keep other pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. inside one of these cages as well. The best chinchilla cages have a lot of space for the pet to move and do day to day activities without restricting their movement.

For Your Rabbits

Due to its large size, you can keep two or more pets inside a standard-sized chinchilla cage. If you pet a rabbit, and looking for an ideal cage for the little fella, without giving a second thought, get one of these.

Apart from its space and durable construction, there are also spaces for keeping accessories for the pet to play with.

Difference Between Chinchilla Cages and Pigeon Lofts

Even though both chinchilla cages and pigeon lofts are designed to offer free space for pets, there are some differences between these two. The most apparent difference is that chinchilla cages can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whereas, you can only install a loft outdoors.

Your chinchillas, rabbits, etc. pets can be seen easily from outside, but you cannot actually tell what’s going on inside a loft unless you take a closer look.

Construction-wise, lofts are mostly made of woods. On the other hand, these cages are made of metal frames and wires.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you clean a pigeon loft?

You need to clean the feces trays daily. Consider scrapping and cleaning the pigeon loft floor and each nest from its top to bottom every week. Also, you need to disinfect and hoover the loft once per two weeks. Once it’s cleaned, sprinkle loft treatment and brush the surfaces to prevent bacteria from growing.

2. How do I keep my racing pigeons healthy?

Make sure your racing pigeons get nutrition enriched feeds. There should be enough sunlight in the loft so that the feathers and bones get vitamin D and get more strength.

3. Where are racing pigeons kept?

Most pigeons pet owners prefer keeping their racing pigeons separate from the others. There should be enough space for them to wave their feathers as well.

4. Do pigeons know their owners?

Pigeons can recognize human faces, and it’s hard to fool them by changing clothes. So, as an owner, if you regularly feed them, and come near the loft a few times a day, they will surely remember your face.

Final Words About Best Pigeon Cage

Getting the best pigeon loft is half the task of petting pigeons. An Ideal loft helps a lot to pet and breed pigeons disease-free. So, make sure you make no mistake while choosing an ideal house for your beloved pigeons.


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