Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it


In our site, we have numerous posts. We invite visitors to our page to drop their comments as regards these posts. We also go ahead to collect these comments and archive them for future references. While collecting these comments, we also take note of and capture the IP address of the computer you use to access our site.

We treat these pieces of data with the strictest levels of privacy attainable. We do not at all share the data with the third parties. Other than this, we do not also reveal your personal information such as login details to the wider public. This is not to mention we also notify you in advance of the information we capture and the manner in which we intend to utilize it.

An anonymized string created from your email address (also called a hash) may be provided to the Gravatar service to see if you are using it. The Gravatar service privacy policy is available here: After approval of your comment, your profile picture is visible to the public in the context of your comment.


Over and above the ordinary texts, we also accept and indeed make room for the uploading of animated images, photographs, and videos. These are necessary to provide visualized illustrations of the various points we intend to put across to you. They also enable unconstrained comprehension of the information provided owing to their more detailed nature.

Please note that the submission of these images is strictly voluntary. We do not coerce anyone into submitting them. Moreover, we also advise our visitors against uploading those images which contain embedded location data such as .exif and gps. This is to uphold your anonymity and prevent third parties from getting to know your whereabouts.

Contact Forms

You will from time to time have to fill the forms on our site to furnish us with more detailed pieces of information. The information we ask for is generally your full name, contact details, date of birth, and more personal details and clarifications from you. These forms are embedded on our website and are easy to access.

Yet again we take great care on how we utilize the information you furnish us with. We do not reveal the information to third parties. We also delete the information we no longer find relevant and applicable to us. These two procedures guarantee you some form of peace of mind while interacting with us.


You will from time to time have to fill the forms on our site to furnish us with more detailed pieces of information. The information we ask for is generally your full name, contact details, date of birth, and more personal details and clarifications from you. These forms are embedded on our website and are easy to access.

Yet again we take great care on how we utilize the information you furnish us with. We do not reveal the information to third parties. We also delete the information we no longer find relevant and applicable to us. These two procedures guarantee you some form of peace of mind while interacting with us.

Embedded content from other websites

Throughout our sites are foreign contents that are embedded on our site. Common examples of these foreign contents include the videos, articles, quotations, and images. These embedded contents confer to you the same level of experience you would accrue had you visited those foreign sites on your own.

In light of this, the foreign websites from which these contents are derived may collect your personal data, use cookies to track your internet usage and expedite your experience and furnish notifications to you from time to time. They are designed to enhance your overall experience of the internet. If you so wish, you may want to yet again clear your history to disable these issues in the background.


Needless to say, we are interested in knowing the exact nature of the clients we are dealing with. That is why we extensively employ Google Analytics to track your behavior and compile your data. Some of the data we are interested in are your IP address, location, login details, demographics, and the amount of time you spend online.

This notwithstanding, we also take great care and decorum on the manner in which we handle this information. What’s more? We also give you the leeway to determine how long you might have to work with us. If you so desire, you may want to opt out of these tools. Simply go to your Google Ad settings and disable them.

Who we share your data with

As stated repeatedly, we do not share your data with strangers or third parties without your consent. We may occasionally engage the services of our partners in processing your data though. If and when we do so, we shall notify you well in advance. This sees to it that you get posted of our use of your data. It also negates any likelihood that your data may be misused.

Some of the partners we engage and share data with are the Google Analytics, Google AdSense, and the Amazon Associates. These are no ordinary partners. They are trusted to confer to you the required levels of protection and reliability. The chances of any breach of privacy are completely limited.

How long we retain your data

How long we retain your data largely depends on the exact scope and nature of the said data. The comments stay on our pages indefinitely. We retain them even if we revise and update our website. You may, however, choose to delete them at any time if you so wish. Such an indefinite length of time allows us to make any necessary follow-ups if and when the need so dictates.

For those data that are surrendered to our site while registering, we hold them only as long as you access our site. If you stay for too long without accessing our site, we shall deactivate it and delete all the registration data you may have surrendered to us.

What rights you have over your data

Your use of our site entitles you to some rights. For instance, if you post any comments on our site, you have the right to demand some exported files of the said personal data you furnish us. You may also ask us to erase any data which you may have furnished us at any time. We promise to respond to your request within the shortest time possible.

Please note though that such requests do not extend to those pieces of data that touch on administrative security, and login purposes. These are ordinarily permanent in nature and are vital for granting access into your personal home page and account. You can nonetheless still edit them.

Where we send your data

Upon receiving your data, we send them to some remote locations where our servers are located. This is for the sake of access to both you the end user and our in-house administrative executives. These servers are secure and are shielded from possible infiltration by third parties and unsuspecting hackers.

From time to time, we carry out random checks of the facilities to see to it that they are up to standard. We also alter our login and security credentials to make it virtually impossible for hackers and other malicious persons from gaining access to the data. These initiatives jointly confer to you the benefit of utmost peace of mind in your use and supply of the relevant.

Your contact information

It goes without saying that we will have to communicate with you every now and then. That is why it is important to furnish us with your contact details. The contact details we accept and work with are your e-mail address, telephone contacts, chat group, blog post address, and physical address.

We do not require you to fill out all the fields though. As a matter of fact, only your e-mail address is mandatory. This gives you some control over the kinds of information you may furnish us. You may, therefore, wish to take advantage of this window to limit the possible breach of privacy and access. What’s more? You can also edit the contact details if and when you so wish.

Additional information

Not all kinds of information may be provided for in the contact form or web page. The logic that underlies this is that each individual is unique. As such, it may not be possible to subject everyone to the same set of standards. At the end of the generic pieces of data, we have a segment we dedicate to your comments.

You can draft whatever you want to tell us about you. This is the segment where you also clarify some of the statements you have already furnished for the sake of giving us deeper insight into who you are and what your stand is. The beauty of all these is that it is voluntary. You, therefore, have the leeway to determine what extra information to furnish or withhold.

How we protect your data

We employ a variety of data protection strategies to safeguard the data you furnish us. Examples of these include the use of firewalls, end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and the use of antivirus. Moreover, we also duplicate your data and make separate arrangements for their backups, just in case.

Our excellent track record bears us witness. Throughout our years of operations, none of our servers have ever been breached or data phished. This guarantees you of the same levels of safety and security. By opting to work with us, you may rest assured of nothing but the safest and by far the most reliable protection you can possibly achieve. This should give you all the more confidence to work with us.

What data breach procedures we have in place

In the unlikely event that your data is breached, worry not. We have some robust and reliable strategies in place to minimize the effects of such a breach. Moreover, we also have plans in place to aid in the recovery of the data that may have been illegally accessed. This is not to mention the robust data recovery regime that we have in place.

Generally speaking, we shall notify you of the breach of your data within seven days. This is a good enough period as it allows us to study the breach and do something first and foremost. We only get to you if all our intervention measures fail. We also aid you in seeking legal redress if and when you inevitably have to.

What third parties we receive data from

Given the for-profit nature of our organization, it is not uncommon for us to incorporate some third party data in our sites. These are mainly those that concern the promotion of the various products which we either deal in or may be related to your needs.

These third-party contents are governed by their own sets of standards, rules, regulations, and policies. As such, we cannot guarantee their authenticity nor be held liable for any losses that might arise out of their utilization. We, therefore, advise you to take appropriate precautions whenever you are accessing them.

Nevertheless, we are always on standby to receive any complaints that might arise out of their use. We never hesitate to take any remedial actions that are designed to rectify such problems. Do not, therefore, hesitate to bring them to our attention if and when you come across them.

What automated decision making and/or profiling we do with user data

Once you have supplied us with your data, we can and indeed do a lot with the said data. We may generate automated responses and deliver the same to your e-mail address. You may, however, opt out of these automated e-mails and newsletters if you so wish and especially if you find them nagging.

We also scour through the data to extract some valuable information we may need at any given time. These help us in planning and targeting our sales initiatives as need be. We do not spam our visitors unnecessarily. We also take great care of the number of unsolicited correspondences we engage our clients with. You may, therefore, rest assured that no disturbances might arise in the process.

Industry regulatory disclosure requirements

The prevailing industry standards require that the information regarding non-personally identifiable visitor information be disclosed to third parties without any prior consent from the affected person. These are to be used for advertising, marketing, and promotions. Please note that we shall from time to time disclose such information when called upon without your prior notice.

We will, however, take great care not to divulge too much, especially those issues that might disparage your safety and online security. We also pledge to adhere to all the prevailing safety standards, comply with the policies of our sites, and also shield you from unnecessary encroachments. You may yet again be certain of your well-being as you volunteer the information we might ask you to.