Schwinn Vs Giant Bikes-Which One Should You Buy?

​If your choice to biking every day then the brand Schwinn is perfect for you. 

Otherwise, you can choose the other bike brands or the Giant bikes. 

In this article, we are trying to cover the complete guide on ​Schwinn vs Giant bikes.

Lets go through the continue reading.

​Consideration of Schwinn Vs Giant Bikes

A lot of things we considered for you to discover the difference between these two bikes.


Schwinn bikes come with the revolutionary dual suspension frames which are made of Aluminum. Due to this awesome construction, they absorb all kinds of bumps and thumps. They hence give out some comfortable riding experience that is devoid of any unnecessary stress.

The suspension mechanisms of the Giant bikes are however rudimentary. They do not really guarantee the smoothest rides imaginable. This is not to mention that they also break down every now and then. It is in your interest to stay away from them as much as possible.



The Schwinn range of bikes is adorned with frames which are mostly made of Aluminum. They are as such strong yet still light enough to steer and engage effectively. Aluminum being light means you will not experience unnecessary strains and undue fatigue in the course of your motions.

Giant’s range of bikes is also made of Aluminum frames. However, they are more durable and tougher than their Schwinn counterpart. This stems from their ALUXX-grade aluminum construction. You are more peaceful with them thus.


Propelling the Schwinn bikes are the high-profile and the double-wall alloy rims. They are stronger and lighter not to mention their added durability. With these bikes, you are assured some stable performances and long-term reliability of service.

As for the Giant bikes, their wheels come in the form of alloy high-profile rims. They are tougher yet bulkier than their Schwinn competitors. You will have to put in more muscle power to engage them. Prolonged rides will make you predisposed to the risks of fatigue and unnecessary exhaustion.


Are you a worker who wishes to commute to and from work every day without undue stress? The Schwinn bikes are yours for the taking. As stated, they will hardly disparage or impact you when you ride them repeatedly or for longer trips. But take your bike helmet when riding if possible with the helmet mirror.

​Even though the Giant bikes are bulkier, they are better suited for long distance travels. Their weight capacity and physical strength are great and reliable for such circumstances of use. They also hardly break down and are such quite reliable.

Terrains and Trails

Given that the Schwinn bikes are intended for light every day travels, you will find them great for paved roads. This is also necessary as they are by nature pretty delicate and highly susceptible to damages in the course of their use and riding.

The sheer strength that the Giant bikes exude however make them more suited for off-road conditions. It is still possible for you to use them on good roads though. For the sake of value for money, the off-road conditions are the better off.


On the whole, the Schwinn brand of bikes is good for the starters and persons without any prior experience at all in the field of bike riding. They are hence your bet if you are barely venturing into the field of bike riding.

You will, however, have to be an intermediate or advanced rider to be able to cope with the Giant bikes. They are more complicated and are also harder to steer. Some years of riding a Schwinn bike may be necessary before attempting the Giant ones.

Dimensions and Weight

Schwinn bikes are lighter and more compact in size. They are easier to carry around and also demand limited storage space. You have them for your consideration if yours is a smaller home or you happen to live in a squeezed shelter.

Giant bikes are so called because they are heavier and bulkier in nature. They not only call for more storage space but also require some heavy muscle to manage and operate. You would really wish to stay away from them for a large part.

Braking Mechanism

The braking mechanisms of the Schwinn bikes are stronger and more durable. That is because they are of the form of the strong mechanical disc brakes. This brand fits brakes both at the front and the rear segments of the bikes.

As for the Giant bikes, their brakes are made of the Tektro TK-R313 variety. Generally speaking, these brakes are not as strong and durable as those of the Schwinn. They hence cannot handle extremely difficult terrains with ease.

Material Construction

Only lighter and reliable materials are used to make up the Schwinn bikes. Their frames are made of Aluminum material whereas their cranks are made of alloys. Expect these bikes to last you last you longer and perform optimally under all conditions.

The AluxX aluminum material adorns the frame whereas the alloy high-profile materials adorn the rims of the Giant bikes. They are also just as durable as those of the Schwinn bikes. On the basis of this consideration, there is no outright winner.

Customer Service

Your purchase of the Schwinn entitles you to some decent warranty to shield you from any structural damages which might arise during a limited amount of time after purchase. The length and exact terms governing each warranty vary from bike to bike.

The Giant brand is backed by robust customer care and after-sale services. These vary widely also. They range from money back guarantee to free installation to decent warranties among others. As you might already note, Giant bikes are safer to acquire.

​Final Thought About Schwinn Vs Giant Bikes

I think now you can take the decision which bikes is perfect for you- Schwinn or Giant. If you’re a giant bike rider, you must need to know about safety facts of the bike helmet that helps you to remove from any injury.

Or you can try a new bike helmet mirror for make clear view about the traffic which comes behind you.


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