Thorogood Men’s GEN-flex2 Series Work Boots Reviews

I am a construction workman. I spend much of my time doing very tough jobs that require great endurance. These jobs are also potentially injurious by virtue of predisposing my body to the risks of falling objects and prickles by sharp objects.

That is why I had to search for extremely safe boots to cover my feet. Having derived some great satisfaction from the boots in question, I saw it necessary to share my experience and expectations with persons like you who might need them.

Below we arrange the ​a complete Thorogood work boots reviews for you.

In addition, you can check the Thorogood Men’s GEN-flex2 Series – 6″ Cap Toe and Composite Safety Toe Boot.

Specifications Thorogood Men’s Work Boots


VGS 300

Product Dimensions

16 x 16 x 6 inches

Shipping Weight

5 pounds




Multi-layer cushion insole

​Main Features of Thorogood Work Boots Reviews

Thorogood men’s work boots as the name suggests, are designed wholly for men. They are strong, tough and are optimized for years of dependable services. These boots possess some great characteristics which stand out to guarantee you maximum reliability in times of use. They are as follows:


Lightweight and Flexible

Even though these boots are tough, they are extremely light in weight and very flexible. For this reason, they allow for smooth walking and running if need be. At the same time, they prevent the formation of blisters and other associated injuries.

These two traits are great as they have enabled me to work for a longer duration of time without getting fatigued or bored with my work. You may also be sure not to be bored or injured unnecessarily as you go about your business of construction.

Multi-layer Cushion Insole

At the insole are some several layers of cushion. These layers play numerous roles and purposes. They absorb shocks and sweat, dampen any vibrations, contribute some comfort, and generally reduce frictions and blisters that arise in times of motions.

It is because of this multi-layer that I have always found the boots safe and comfortable to make use of while constructing. Why would you want to wait your time elsewhere considering that these boots have the wherewithal necessary to enjoy your work?

Shock-absorbing Interior

Apart from possessing several layers of cushioning, the interior of the boots have some shock absorbers. As you might have already guessed, these shock absorbers basically neutralize any impacts which might subject your feet to discomforts.

Other shielding your feet from shocks and vibrations, these shock absorbers also minimize the likelihood of blisters and bruises. They also go a long way in enhancing your comfort and hence let you work for more than longer hours.

Composite Safety Toe

In a typical construction site, the toes are by far the most vulnerable parts to the problems of injuries. That is because they stand exposed to the elements of injuries and problems. The manufacturers of these boots understand this fact only too well.

That is why they have fitted these boots with some composite safety toe. The role of this safety feature is to offer added protection to your toes. It basically comes in the form of a steep cap which is used to reinforce the toe segment of the boot.

Multi-directional Traction Lug Outsole

At its bottom part is the multi-directional lug outsole. As the designation suggests, the outsole is flexible enough to move in whichever direction you might turn them to. For this reason, you are spared of the likelihoods of straining unnecessarily while undertaking your chores.

What’s more? This kind of outsole provides excellent traction on the ground. Such traction goes ahead to confer to you added stability while tackling your chores. It also prevents you from slipping and possibly falling off.

Oil and Slip-resisting

Over and above the outsole providing you excellent traction, it also resists the spilling of oil and slipping. You may be sure that regardless of the nature of the surface on which you might intend to use the boots, you will be sure of some added stability.

It is for this reason that you may have these boots for your taking if you work in extremely hazardous environments. You have them for taking if you are an oil worker.

VGS 300 Technology

In their entirety, the boots feature the VGS 300 Technology. Courtesy of this technology, all the shocks are absorbed with each step of use. The technology also lengthens the overall lifespan of the Thorogood Men’s GEN-flex2 Series – 6″ Cap Toe, Composite Safety Toe boots. It for instance shields the boots from frequent damages which are generally likely to arise.

The technology thus minimizes the operational costs and frequent maintenance which others have to confront as they go about using theirs. This means you will receive some added peace of mind as you wear them.

InterActive Cushioning System

Lastly, the boots possess the interactive InterActive Cushioning System. Its flagship purpose is to reduce impact stress wherever it is most needed. It is this system which is responsible for the elimination and prevention of blisters.

Given that you will almost always have to put on the boots for a longer duration of time during a typical construction project, this feature comes in handy. It guarantees your comfort at such times while at the same time provide you utmost reliability.


  • Rubber Sole
  • ​The Outsole is GEN-flex2
  • ​Composite protection of toe
  • 100% leather
  • VGS 300 T​echnology


  • Low Quality Heat Resistance

​2 Alternatives of This Welding Boots

1. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe Boots

​​If you have more enough budgets so this is the best option for you. This work boot comes with a MAXwear Wedge which is 100% leather and made in USA.

2. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 8″ Moc Toe ​MAXWear Wedge Safety Toe Boot 

This work boots comes with synthetic sole and covers steel safety toe protection.

​Final Words About Thorogood Work Boots Reviews

As you may already deduce from the foregoing discussions, these Thorogood Men’s boots are very strong, flexible, and reliable for use in construction matters. With regards to this, you have no option but to acquire and use them if you have a stake in the construction exercise or industry.

What are you waiting for? You want to make your next construction exercise a breeze. Do take the earliest opportunity to get hold of these boots as soon as you possibly can!

After all I think this review article is enough to inform you the total knowledge about Thorogood welding boots.


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