Wahl Magic Clip Vs Wahl Senior | The Main Difference

Shaving beards and trimming hairs are two meticulous yet sensitive undertakings. This stems from their potentially dangerous nature and the need to maintain awesome looks at all times. To be able to do a good job, you have some two shavers for your consideration. These are the Wahl Magic Clip and the Wahl Senior Clipper, respectively. We are going to explore these two shavers in finer details here under.

So, read the total content about Wahl Magic Clip vs Wahl Senior hair clipper.

What Is Wahl Magic Clip?

This is a kind of a shaver which is used for lighter shaving tasks and on a day to day basis. The shaver is cheaper, generally more affordable, and is comparatively simpler to engage.

Why It Is Best For You?

You will find this shaver great in the following ways and for the purposes explained below:

Personal Applications

The shaver is great for personal applications. It is light, simple, and generally very convenient to engage. You do not have to possess the too great technical expertise to be able to make good use of the shaver. It is the one to look up to if you just want a machine to keep your beards and mustache short and kempt.

Intermittent rather than Regular Use

As stated, this shaver is generally quite delicate. It cannot, therefore, endure intense abuse and is thus unsuitable for heavy-duty commercial applications. You hence have it for your taking if you intend to shave intermittently rather than regularly.


This shaver, as has already been explained, is cheaper to afford. It, therefore, follows that if you are cash-strapped yet would still wish to enjoy awesome outcomes, it is the one to look up to. It guarantees you the required levels of outcomes but at lower prices.

What Is Wahl Senior Clipper?

As the name suggests, this shaver is intended for more critical applications. It is more complicated and generally capable of enduring the most intense of abuse and impacts. You will find it a handy companion if you have a barbershop or shave every quite often.

Why It Is Best For You?

Commercial Applications

Given its tough construction and heavy-duty nature, this shaver is well-suited for those intense and involving applications. It endures abuse and impacts well. Further to this, it also maintains the same level of performance for an extended duration of time.

Everyday Use

Given its highly durable and tough nature, the shaver can handle shaving tasks on a daily basis. It is hence your answer to those shaving tasks that happen on a daily basis. You have no better friend if you are a professional barber.

Financially Endowed

As hinted above, the shaver costs quite some money. It is hence beyond the reach of the less financially endowed. You, therefore, have to think of it if you have lots of money in your possession. Its returns on investments are higher and will bring about higher value for your money.

Main Differences Between Wahl Magic Clip Vs Wahl Senior

Even though these two shavers are manufactured by the same brand and are suited for more or less similar tasks, they do exhibit some fundamental differences. It is necessary to know these differences to be able to arrive at the best purchasing decision. The following are the various points of departure between these two wonderful shavers:


These two shavers possess more or less similar blades. The Wahl Magic Clip blades are adjustable, do not overlap, and attain very high shaving speeds on the whole. They are also comparatively easier to engage and may be altered to suit a variety of hair thicknesses. Regardless of the specific one you fall for, you may be sure to obtain the highest levels of outcomes imaginable.

Overall Dimensions

The Wahl Magic Clip measures 8 inches long by 2.8 inches wide by 3 inches thick and weighs a paltry 8.8 ounces. These compact dimensions grant you the leeway to use the shaver as conveniently as you may so wish. They also allow for convenient storage.

Its counterpart the Wahl Senior Clipper measures 2.5 inches long by 2 inches wide by 7 inches thick and weigh a whopping 1.3 pounds! You will hence find it quite cumbersome to lift and carry around with ease. This makes the shaver only suited for indoor applications.


Both of these shavers have the ability to attach to and work for hand in hand with several accessories. Examples of these include the combs, cleaning brushes, blade guards, and spare clippers. The Wahl Senior Clipper, however, has the ability to accommodate more accessories than its counterpart. In light of this, it delivers higher returns on investment than its electric competitor.


As has been stated and explained repeatedly, the Wahl Magic Clip is generally suited for lighter and personal applications. This is due to its possession of limited features and functionality as well as the ability to accommodate only fewer accessories.

Its Wahl Senior Clipper counterpart, on the other hand, is able to perform rigorous, intense, and repeated shaving chores. This is because it is more durable and well able to endure the most intense abuses ever. It is strongly recommended and ideal for commercial applications.


On the whole, the Wahl Magic Clip is cheaper and more affordable than the Wahl Senior Clipper. It goes for only $48.92, gives or take. The latter, however, goes for a whopping $69.02, give or take. You, therefore, have the former for your preference and liking if you are short on cash.


You will require hardly any expertise to handle and engage the Wahl Magic Clip. It is simple in scope, nature, and design. Moreover, it is also suited for lighter tasks and chores. The same may not, however, be said of the Wahl Senior Clipper. Being complicated, you will have to acquire some experience and expertise to be able to fully master and comprehend it. Also, check hair clippers buying guide that help you to choose the better one.

Power Consumption and Output

These two clippers consume and produce roughly the same power. Their power consumption ratings are 120 volts whereas their power output ratings are 60 hertz. However, they are intended for totally different kinds of shavings as has been explained multiple times. The Wahl Senior Clipper being mainly intended for rigorous shaving chores consumes more power than its Wahl Magic Clip counterpart. By using the former repeatedly, you will experience higher utility bills than with the former.

Final Words-Wrapping It UP

There you have them! There is no clear winner or loser between these two shavers. This is because they are designed and intended for completely different applications and chores. You only have to delineate your precise needs and proceed to pick the right one for your use.

If all you want in a shaver is the ability to keep your beards shorter and neat, you have the Wahl Magic Clip for your taking. If you are a professional barber though, the Wahl Senior Clipper is the one to look up to. All the best in your search for the right shaver! In addition, you can check best back shavers for you that are best do it yourself clippers. 

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