Wahl Senior Vs Oster 76 | Which Clippers is for You?

There are a lot of tools of the trade out there. Hairstylists are constantly busy with their work. It can be difficult to find time to research new tools. This detailed analysis of the Wahl Senior vs. Oster 76.

The in-depth dive into the mechanics and pricing should help those that need the tools to determine which one will be better for them. It can be interesting to look at what is out there on the market to help sift the gold from the silver.

Why You Might Choose the Oster 76?

Oster 76 has a lot to offer. It’s a classic tool and many hairstylists rely on it as their staple go-to. Additionally, the Oster 76 comes with a gold plated model. This can be an excellent conversation starter with clients. It certainly is a way to make them feel that they are getting the royal treatment.

Why People Love the Wahl Senior?

Conversely, the Wahl Senior electric clippers might be the machine that piques your interest. Wahl has a long-standing reputation for delivering quality goods. This is also a heavy-duty machine. It works well as a body trimmer as well, and this is why many men like to purchase one.

They enjoy owning one of the best do it yourself hair clippers out there. Wahl is a German engineered brand that puts a stamp of quality on everything that they put on the market.

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Similarities Between the Two Clippers

The two clippers have a lot of synonymous features. Both of these products are intended for professional usage. People obviously find a way to get their hands on both, like buying from Amazon. The motors on both of the products are strong and heavy-duty. They work well on wet hair as well as dry hair. This just attests to the power of their motors.

Additionally, both of the clippers have a long-standing reputation for quality. Oster has been on the market for 120 years making clippers. Similarly, Leo J. Wahl invented the first clipper that a person could hold in 1919. Both of the companies have rich tradition and heritage in the world of electric clippers, hair styling, and grooming. When choosing the best do it yourself hair clippers, a person would be hard-pressed to make a selection between these two very excellent machines.

Both of these machines will make noise when in use. They have powerful machines inside. If a person is expecting something quieter, then they will have to settle for a clipper that is not professional grade. 

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How These Two Machines Differ?


There are, of course, divergent features among the two electric clippers. When looking at the Wahl Senior vs Oster 76, one can see that both products offer variant things. The Wahl Senior is about half of the price as the Oster 76. Also, the Oster 76 offers 13 different blades. The Wahl only gives one  #1005 blade plus three combs. This difference probably accounts for the pricing.


Also, the Oster 76 are surrounded by valox material. The manufacturer boasts that this material would be virtually impossible to shatter. The Wahl Senior comes with metal housing. This material is very strong as well but has a different feel.


The motor speed on the Wahl Senior is said to be faster than regular clippers. It is a V9000 motor. The Oster 76 just has a classic motor. This is powerful as well, according to the manufacturer. However, the Wahl Senior also boasts that the motor is cool running. The Oster 76 does not make these claims.

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Many people also complain that the Oster 76 is heavy. It weighs a total of 2 pounds. The Wahl Senior is much lighter, weighing in at one pound and 3 ounces. For those that have wrist pain or do not want to develop carpal tunnel, then going with a lighter tool is recommended.

However, some people just use the Oster 76 as a one and done. The weight does not factor into whether it is one of the best do it yourself hair clippers. People were complaining though online that even for at home jobs, they found the Oster 76 heavy.

Cord & Blade

Besides, the Wahl Senior has a chemical resistant cord. This is great when working with products, especially those that have been used to clean the hair or hair tools. The Oster 76 seems to focus more on the blades than making the entire machine with those special touches.


In terms of the accessories, some people have complained also about the quality of the cleaning brush in the Oster 76 and that the manual is not extensive enough. With the Wahl Senior, the brush is also small. These clippers are designed for professional usage, so the manufacturer might expect that a person would take the clippers in if there are problems.

Final Words-Wrapping It Up

When looking at the Oster Classic 76 vs Wahl Senior, both of the products are high quality. The Oster Classic is better for people that want to focus more on the blade. The blades are designed to cut at different lengths.

Those that don’t like clipper guards might find that this is a more precise way of cutting. With the Wahl Senior, a person only gets three clipper guards to start. So, one will have to purchase more if one wants to get the range of one to eight. Some of the lengths, like six to eight, are more of a novelty. Eight can be done with one’s fingers.

Still, to save time, people often prefer to have to the convenience of a simple blade. Although both make noise, both will also heat with excess use. You might feel the heat though more with the Wahl due to the metal.

However, the Wahl has a cooling engine that is designed to offset this. Go with the Wahl Senior for home jobs, and for those looking for all-day use, then the Oster Classic cuts better due to the blades. 


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