Wolverine Legend DuraShocks CarbonMax 6″ Work Boots Reviews

Needless to say, people have varying sizes of feet and legs. It is only logical for the kinds of shoes designed for such persons take this reality into consideration. Throughout all my research, I have found this particular set of boots to be great for those who have longer feet and legs.

I am sure you got your complete solution after read this ​Wolverine work boots reviews.

I did arrive at that conclusion, after studying a couple of people who have already tried it out. Moreover, I also endeavored to dig deeper into its finer details and discover those features which make it stand out.

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​Main Important Features

The following are the traits which set this pair of boots apart and also make it suited for the role of enhancing your overall comfort and performance while tackling your daily hard chores:

Leather Construction

Unlike most other kinds of boots, this one is made wholly using the leather materials. The leather is generally great at resisting all kinds of damages and impulses. Also, leather is generally tougher and more likely to beat the adverse elements of destruction like tears and perforations.

This being the case, you should expect the pair of boots to last you longer than usual. Given the intense nature of the tough work, expect the boots to yet again grant you the agility you require to perform optimally.

Rubber Sole

The sole of the pair of boots is made of rubber. It is a well-known fact that rubber is comfortable, agile, and soft indeed. As a matter of fact, rubber stands apart from the others in that it is less likely to impact any pains or injuries to your feet regardless of how long you put your shoes on.

Courtesy of this elegant nature of rubber, you should anticipate the pair of shoes to similarly be equally comfortable to put on and walk around in. this trait is essentially vital when handling demanding chores.

Long Shaft

We started out by saying that this pair of boots is intended mostly to those whose legs are longer than usual. It is this long shaft that makes the boots particularly suited for this awesome role. Just to put things into perspective, the shaft measures a decent 6 inches from the arch.

Several advantages arise out of this arrangement. For one, it gives your feet room to expand. Feet, just like every other part of the body, expands when heated and contracts when cooled. This room hence reduces the possibility of your feet sustaining bruises in the process.

Composite Materials

While crafting the entire length and breadth of the pair of boots, composite materials have been used. The composite materials basically incorporate a number of constituent ingredients at a time. Because of this phenomenon, the materials are more durable and also display the joint characteristics of each material in use.

You hence stand to reap so much more benefits at a time when you choose to use this pair. This means that your returns are higher than the amount of money that you use to afford the pair in the first place. You just cannot afford to look elsewhere if you care for your finances.


Perhaps making this pair all the more outstanding is the fact that it is also lighter in weight. It weighs a paltry 1.9 pounds (only 0.95 pounds) per shoe. By all accounts, this is too light and hence quite easy to walk around in.

Regardless of how long you intend to work at any given time, you might be sure that you will not be impacted adversely with this pair at all. On the contrary, you will work for longer without necessarily feeling worn out.


All its vital parts and components are resistant to slips. This is mainly because the interior materials of the pair are highly absorbent of sweat. They subsequently prevent the shoes from slipping while in direct contact with the skin.

This trait is generally reliable and helpful while working in hot weather. That is because it is at such times that you are likely to generate much sweat. At the same time, you should also be sure that you will not feel any form of discomforts in the process.

Fully Integrated Energy Return System

To further enhance your comfort while working, this pair of boots come along with the fully integrated energy return system. The system basically adds some comfort to your feet by making your steps smooth and free of any impacts.

No matter how treacherous the work area or the terrain in your place is, do not worry at all. The pair of boots shall neutralize those impacts to give you some added enhancements. Construction work has never been that easier.


  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber Sole
  • A unique cushioning design
  • h-plate suspension system


  • This one perfect for short leg.

​3 Alternatives of Wolverine Work Boots

1. Wolverine Floorhand Waterproof 6″ Work Boot ‘s

This is made of original leather with Rubber Sole.

2. Wolverine Overpass CarbonMax 6″ Boot ‘s

​This is also made of waterproof leather with Rubber Sole.

3. Wolverine Rancher Square-Toe Steel-Toe Wellington

​100% leather with sinthetic sole.

​Simple FAQ’s

Question: Are this work boots durable?

Answer: Yes, from the customer’s reviews this boots are longer lasting and use for more than 5-years.

Question: Can we use it all season?

​Answer: Yes, you can do it.

​Final Thought About Wolverine Work Boots Reviews

Well, your options are limited if you have some long legs or larger feet. As you might see from the foregoing explanations, this pair of boots is indeed great for your kind of leg. Why don’t you make it a point to incorporate it into your next construction project?


Of course, you are not the only one with larger feet or longer legs, are you? Identify the others in your area who might also be in need of a similar pair of shoes to enjoy the stated advantages. We wish you well in your subsequent construction exercise!


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